Tuesday, February 24, 2009

My fabulous Five Faves on Fri....I mean Wednesday

Boy, the fact that it's Wednesday sure kills the heck out of my sweet alliteration. Oh, wait a sec! It's Tuesday! Ha Ha! I am so brain dead. I just wrote all that and then realized it's not even Wednesday. Oh well, I'm leaving the title as evidence of my lack of brain waveage. (yes,I know,not a word)

Anyhoo, you all know how much I love giving you stuff! I even love giving you secret stuff! (and one day I will finish those CD's and send them out, I'm so sorry! You will get one if you asked for one, I promise!) But....I actually love winning stuff too. I know, weird. Well, Auds over at Barking Mad is doing one sweet awesome giveaway of a $250 Target card. And I love me the stuff at Target and I think it's a fun one so I'm joining in! Here's the dealio. I have to link here to my FIVE FAVORITE posts. Of mine. At first I thought it was your five posts on other blogs which would be easy but it's mine. So after much (a minute or two) deliberation, here they are in no particular order:

That's why I say Thanks Everyday

Official Thanksgiving poem by yours truly. I know, I'm so talented it's beyond belief.

The Big Bad Blog
This is a good example of the crazy me. I mean I'm always crazy but it doesn't always come out on these little black keys, ya know?

If Only They Knew
A little glimpse into the deep deeper deeperest part of me. The part that makes me who I am. The part that I want to share with everyone and shout from the rooftops but without scaring anyone away. Yeah, it's that important to me.

My Heart is Full to Bursting
I know I've shared this post and the big bad blog before, guess I need to get some new good writing on here. If they're even good. In this one I share an AMAZING story of one family who took a time of grief and turned it into a time of love.

You are going to Die Tomorrow
Not really, silly. It's just the title of my post. A post about the last thing I want to smell before I die. Hoping it's my great grandbabies though. Oh, and btw, didn't win the guitar hero.

Okie dokie-o! Those are my five faves! Kinda hoping you'll visit them. You can always comment on them and leave a magic word for more entries in my secret giveaway.

Oh! And if you want a chance to win a $250 Target card blog your five faves and link back to Barking Mad!

P.S. I will post a tutorial tomorrow about how to make yerself a really cool button like mine. You ask, I deliver. And so glad that the numbering comments is working for so many of you!


  1. Shoot! This will be a piece of cake considering I think (and I say that lightly) I only have 5 blog entries... bwhahaha. I guess I'll leave the target card for you. =P See what a good friend I am, you want to keep me. Besides I just got a Target gift card from triple A. I love me some Target too though!

  2. I will LOVE reading your faves when I have more time later today. Thanks!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  3. How do you post links on posts within your blog? HELP please!
    It's driving me crazy

  4. Already figured it out Sharla. But how in the world do you get involved in all this giveaway stuff? And how is that one lady have connections to a 250 dollar gift card? She just bought it and is giving it away to one lucky reader? That's very generous. And you are too by the way. I hope either you or I win. There is like 100 other people who entered. WOW! I love that. One day I only hope to get as many comments.

  5. I love the fact that you didn't know what day it was! And I will be checking out these blogs for sure!

  6. (And by blogs I mean posts. Silly me!)

  7. I love me some Target too. I hope you win!! Now I'm off to share the love!!

  8. I hope you win that gift card! I love me some Target, too!

  9. You funny lady! At least your posts are more interesting and consists of different subjects! You should have been a writer! I love all these posts too! I hope one of us wins!

  10. PS..you better not give it away in a contest..I know you were thinking about it!

  11. Who wouldn't Love to win $250? And it is such a fun way to do it. Thanks for sharing.


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