Thursday, January 15, 2009

You are going to die tomorrow....

What is the last thing you want to smell? No, not your last meal, or last dying wish, or last words..... but the last whiff.

I love many smells, pies cooking, a fresh warm rain, but for me there is one thing. One smell that starts with a deep breath and ends all the way down at my toes.

Maybe you moms out there know what I'm talking about. Fresh out of the bath, slathered and lotioned, bundled and snuggled, tired and cuddly, curled on my lap. I'd pull them close, one by one, until I can feel their fine wispy hairs brushing against my cheeks and lips. Then I'd close my eyes and take a deep deep breath. I'd memorize that smell, that feeling, that soft smooth skin against my cheek. And that's what I'd take with me, until I see them again.

(I know you guys like pictures. Here's my twins from a while ago. I'm tearing up just looking at this picture, they grow so fast!)

For some reason this is what came to me today. I know it doesn't fit any mold, but my blog isn't about any one thing. After all, we as Mom's don't do just one thing do we? So this blog is definitely about this and that, whatever comes to mind. And I hope you'll stay along for the ride.

Oh, and one more thing. I think it would be awesome to win a Guitar Hero from the Ordinary Dad over at An Ordinary Life. I've enjoyed her blog for a while and now she's letting hubby do a giveaway. Kind of fun. Is it a much needed commodity? Ummm, no. But it sure would be fun. And I'm too tired for bathtime tonight.


  1. Thanks for making me cry. LOL Not fresh out of the bath though. At the end of the day, when his little toes are just a little grubby from playing and running and waddling up to give me hugs. The smell of his toes and his hair and the feel of his soft baby skin and the smacking sound as he gives kisses (he's just learning to do that and kisses Daddy's picture good night before each nap and bedtime) and then the clicking of his binky as he taps the ring on the plastic shield part as he drifts off.

    Ugh. Kleenex please?

  2. What a sweet picture. And I know exactly the smell you are talking's not just the smell but the whole cuddly package that goes along with it. Yep it's for sure, I am tearing up now at work!

  3. What a great photo - thanks for sharing it - gosh, I don't know how to explain it, probably grab my whole crew together (even the dog) and breath in real deep!

    That smell.

  4. Oh, that pic made me tear up too. You're right, kid smells definitely make me just close my eyes and breathe deeply. It's nice when I have time to breath. LOL

  5. A fresh brewing pot of coffee! Man, I love that stuff. Ohhh, even better, I could open a jug of coffee over and over to get that wonderful smell!

    The title of your post reminds me of my friend Sarah. She passed away a little over a month ago. Leaving behind 2 boys. She lived her life fast and hard. Now I know why, she had a lot of get done in her 30 years. It reminds me to stop. Smell the flowers. Take the time to hug those kiddies. And always, always live. Live every minute.


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