Friday, February 27, 2009

Ohhhhhh.....that's why I've been comment deprived!

So I was just wondering why I haven't gotten much comments lately. And then I realized I hadn't posted since Wednesday, well actually it was Tuesday wasn't it? It has just been one of those weeks, ya know?

But I just want to tell you, my wonderful readers, that I am still here. I am working on many different things and have lots of fun posts coming up. I have two new giveaways coming up next week, two giveaways that end tomorrow. (although one was a secret) I have some fun reviews, and that's not all!

I am going to tell you how to make a button, (although really, if you have a picture you want to use I'd be glad to make it for you, just let me know). I am going to tell you about my latest books, I am hopefully going to share some scrapbooking I will be doing soon, and of course my usual, well, you know, whatever!

I hope you all had a great week! (with no bisquick thrown throughout your house and rolly poops finding their way to places they shouldn't go) And I hope you have an even better weekend! Don't forget to enter both of my giveaways (the secret one and the baby dipper one) before midnight tomorrow MST.

But for now, good night. It's been a long week...............................

P.S. Don't forget to check out the awesome reviews and giveaways at The Giveaway too! Adorable flip flops are ending tomorrow!


  1. Well, I kept meaning to come over and give you some comment LOVE but frankly, well, deployment is in the air this week and it was a toughie. Hate to make ya feel unLOVEd.

    Can't wait to learn how to do a button. Sounds fun!

  2. Yeah I am really looking forward to making that button. I have a couple of ideas. I'll probably send you my ideas via email to get your approval. I LOVE that mom nerd idea! and Jay did the drawings. Awesome. He is a wonderful artist! We will have a wonderful weekend cause this is the weekend Gabby covington wil be sealed to her parents in the Manti temple. I am taking pictures, I'll makes sure you see some of them. Well have a good weekend!
    Get some sleep!

  3. Sounds like you have some great posts coming up! I check here often, but don't always comment. I should. I know I LOVE getting comments, and that others LOVE getting comments... It is a time thing. Or that is my excuse...

  4. I was wondering about you! Life gets oh-so busy!! You know I'm still around, I love to leave comments! Of course, I checked out The Giveaway too. I love those Umi shoes! That was a great review!!

  5. Just wanted to send you a little comment love. Getting too comment deprived can be bad for your health!

  6. Glad your back!!
    I definitely know how it feels for time to pass by..Where does it go?:)


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