Thursday, August 11, 2011


This was going to be a nice relaxing summer. No new jobs. No moving. Just chillin' and relaxin' to get ready for the new school year.

And it basically was. For most of the summer that flew by. Now Eldon and I both start back to work next week, and this weekend, we get to move again. Yay!!!

Now, I really don't have time to write right now. And I need to get to bed. But just to fill ya'll in, I'm going to share some facebook posts from the last few weeks. And yes, I admit, I am kind of a whiner.......

So, it's official. We are about to make our 13th move in the last 12 years of marriage. We were renting our home to own but our Landlord decided he needed to sell it right away. We looked into buying it but we just can't yet. We are hoping to still be in City Center but I haven't found anything to rent in our ward yet. I am so bummed but I'm sure it will all turn out fine.
July 21 at 4:33pm

I am so excited about the house we're moving into. It's amazing how things work out so well when you think it's the end of the world. We are so blessed! Will definitely miss our ward, but I'm excited to be in the same ward as Mandy Christensen, who I've been friends with since forever. And the house is AWESOME!July 22 at 8:40pm

The great thing about moving? You find things that have been missing! We found the ring my honey got me for Valentine's day. So happy! And I am so proud of myself, I finally cleaned out a "junk drawer" box that has been packed up and following us around for many, many moves. Found a few useful things, but most of it went in the trash can. So ridiculous!
July 26 at 2:40am

So, so much to do today but I am so tired. Staying up until almost 6 in the morning was not smart.
July 28 at 12:22pm

Went to the temple with my cousin and her soon to be husband tonight. So happy for them!
July 29 at 1:04am

I spent all day packing and organizing and I swear it doesn't look like I did a thing. Thankfully my Mom was working on our laundry and made a major dent in that. Plus she cleaned my laundry room and closet. She rocks!
July 31 at 12:03am

Twelve years ago I knelt across from Eldon Carbine and was married and sealed to him for time and for all eternity. After the last 12 years, I'm not sure eternity will be long enough.
July 31 at 9:44pm

Should be cleaning and packing instead of sitting in this'll happen eventually.
August 2 at 10:08am

Having very mixed emotions today....and not a little bit of stress. But grateful anyway.
August 7 at 9:02pm

I am somewhere in between exhausted and dead....and it can only get worse. lol
Monday at 7:19pm

Pray for a miracle....because it's going to be a miracle if I get everything done in time. And still get ready for my school year. Ugh, I hate moving!!
Tuesday at 1:57pm

I keep sitting down for a "second" on FB because I really don't want to pack. Realized while my mind was wandering today that stressed backwards is desserts. That would explain my chocolate craving. Another weird thought I had was that devil spelled backwards is lived, which is the one thing the devil can never do. Okay, okay, back to packing. sigh.
5 hours ago

And that brings us current. So the consensus is that I really don't want to move, and I'm a pretty big whiner. But it will be over soon. :)

So what have you been doing this summer?

(PS Still checking out the books and music for my winners. It will take a little time!)

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