Thursday, July 28, 2011

Letter to Me

The envelope says

To: Sharla Merryweather
read on November 16, 1997.

January 2, 1997
Dear Sharla,

Hello. Well, happy 18th Birthday! Now, as you read this I want you to look at your life as it is and if you aren't where you're supposed to be, get there quick!

Okay, this is what I expect of you. First of all, you better have a good attitude and be smiling a lot. It's your senior year but don't get stressed and overwhelmed. You should be going to church and seminary regularly and I expect your testimony to be stronger than ever. You better not have a boyfriend, or have had a boyfriend, and I hope you've been dating (group or double) good young men who are members with the same standards as you. You better not have made any big mistakes, either.

You better have gotten good grades your junior year if you want to go to BYU. I expect your GPA to be a 3.5 or higher. Preferrably higher.

I hope you're still striving for a temple marriage because that is the ONLY way you can fully be happy. Okay? And pray about it, a lot, before you make the big decision.

Now, when that time comes I expect you to raise a family and be sure to ask for council from your Father in Heaven and the leaders around you. Heed to the prophets teachings. Don't forget to go back and read your patriarchal blessing.

Sharla, look around you at who your friends are and their influence on you. Make sure they are good friends that will uplift you. And remember to be a good friend. Okay?

Sharla, you are a daughter of God and you know it. Yet be humble and every grateful to your Father in Heaven. He has given you so much!! Stay strong.

Love, You

Yep, that was me. Word for word, typos and all. Do I sound self righteous? There is a lot of advice I gave myself that is still really good advice. And I'm happy to say for the most part I did listen to myself. I just thought this was so funny I had to share. It's good to remember who I was, especially when I evaluate who I am today.


  1. I'm impressed with your letter and your testimony at such a young age.

  2. That is quite a letter to come from someone so young! I really expected it to be from someone way older :)


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