Monday, November 15, 2010

Exciting things to come

Little teaser for this post: CSN Stores has over 200 online stores where you can find everything from stylish furniture, to a leather briefcase, or great cookware!

So the plan is that I will have a post for every day this week.  So yeah, I didn't say promise, I just said I'd try

And I really will.  

So here is a little taste of things to come.  We'll get down with Downeast as I tell you about this amazing bloggers night I had with them.  I've been saving it so you could get excited about Christmas shopping there.  (You will love their stuff!)  I have a couple reviews including a fun toy from K's Kids Toys, and one of my newest favorite CD's by Norah Jones.

Then I have TWO, yes, I said TWO giveaways coming up.  And they are great.  You will get to see and hear about my new pair of adorable glasses from eyebuydirect.  And I have a giveaway going on with that.  

And then, you are going to be so excited because just in time for Christmas I am going to have a giveaway by CSN stores.  I've done two reviews for them (which I will share with you a bit), but this time I am going to do a giveaway instead of a review so that one of YOU will get to go shopping at their amazing stores!  And yes, they do have some amazing things.  It will take you forever to choose something, but it's fun! 

But until tomorrow.....peace out. 

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