Friday, July 16, 2010


So most of you know that we just moved into our new house.  

Now that the walls have been patched and we have new carpet the house feels almost brand new. 

It is big. It is beautiful. 

The only problem?  It's filled with all of our old junk. 

Now don't get me wrong, we have a few nice things, most of which were given to us by my parents. Our nicest things were actually made by my Dad, but that's a post for another day. 

Since we were married almost eleven years ago, we haven't bought a single piece of furniture, well, except for our mattress.  That's it. 

The rest has been passed down to us. 

And boy am I grateful for that, otherwise we'd be sitting and sleeping on the floor. 

But now that I have this nice big house, I want to fill it with nice things.  Things that I would choose out, you know?

So I have been dream shopping at CSNStores.  Have you ever checked them out?  They have more than 200 stores to shop from online.  I have pretty much been able to outfit my entire home (in dream world of course, since the funds aren't there.) I really want to save up for one of their dining room tables.  I absolutely love this one

I am so, so excited because they contacted me about doing a review, and I have been browsing and perusing to find the perfect thing.  

So stay tuned, because this mama is about to have one new thing for her home, and then I will tell you all about it!

So what is your favorite piece of furniture or decoration in your house?  Any ideas for me that are (ahem) inexpensive?  :)  


  1. I love that we bought two regular size sofas for the family room instead of one sofa and a loveseat... so nice to have the extra seat...

  2. My home is decorated in what I refer to as Early Salvation Army so I totally understand! My favorite things are probably my big recliner, the HD TV and the coffee table that raises up to dining table height (when it's not covered in clutter!)

  3. I Love Tai pan Trading they have great stuff for less!! and My Favorite thing in my house is our big travertine island!! :)

  4. PS I wanna see pics of ur new casa!!

  5. Yeah, me too! I wanna see pics of the new casa!! Please?

    And I want nice things in my house too!
    Someday i will have those things! Someday!

  6. I hear you Sharla. We don't have anything in the house that isn't a hand-me-down or a garage sale or thrift store find. Oh well. That isn't what is important. The PEOPLE in your home are what matters. I try and remind myself that every time our trick chair breaks and I land on my bum:) I hope you are getting all settled in, I can't wait to see it! All our love!

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  8. I just found your fabulous blog. Welcome to the neighborhood. My house was furnished the same way as yours. :)


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