Monday, June 21, 2010

Missing in Action

It started out so wonderful.....I had this amay-ay-zing pair of glasses. Cute, chic, trendy.  And then my youngest twin got a hold of them....and SNAP, they were a slightly less cool pair of eyeglasses than before (as is evident in the picture to the right). But still wearable, so I was cool with it.  I could wear them in public if desparate.  And people only noticed some of the time.  Or at least didn't say anything about it if they did.  I was still coo'.
But I was definitely considering that it may be time to invest in a new pair of prescription glasses.  I had gotten my eyes checked, got new contacts, all that jazz.  But there are just days and times when you don't want to put in those dang contacts.  Like when I have to get up at four, and no matter what I tried those contacts kept popping out of my bleary, red, tired eyes. And yeah, I know people who get Lasik, and it sounds amazing, but I don't have the money for it, and I for dang sure don't think I can handle someone doing surgey on my eye while I'm sitting there awake.  I have psychotic eyes that can't even stay open for the little "puff".  Seriously, no matter what I do....

Anyhoodle, then Easter came.  And I guess the Easter bunny took my glasses, because I haven't been able to find them since then. :(  Maybe the cute little hopster didn't think my one eared glasses were cool.  Who knows?  So I've been stuck with just my contacts for months now, telling myself I need new glasses, but not having even an extra second to go hunting for some.  Because for me glasses are kind of like clothes, how do you know they will look right unless you try them on, right?

Wrong. I discovered that there are many places where you can look at glasses online, on YOU! You just upload a nifty little picture of yourself and try them on.  Easy peasy, right?  And then hopefully you can find the perfect pair just from your comfy perch in front of your monitor.  No mirror needed.  Although you do have to look at a picture of yourself over and over...but maybe you are like Narcissis and you like that kind of thing.  Who am I to judge? ;)

But anyway, that is my new goal.  To find some new glasses online, that are cute and trendy and chic, but in my budget.  Which is, like, almost nothing.  Wish me luck!  

Oh!  And maybe you'll want to take advantage of 10% off at GlassesUSA by entering the code Mommy10.  I know I for darn sure am going to check it out....wanna come along?

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  1. Oh if only I could wear glasses again. My eyes are so bad only RGP contacts help anymore.


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