Tuesday, May 11, 2010

yo yo with the down low

It's a Tuesday afternoon. 

The sky is cloudy and rainy, and beautiful. 

My work is here on the screen, and on the phone.  

But I can't stop glancing out the window, then at my book, then at my bed. 

That's where I want to be. 

No really, they are calling to me. 

But I ignore them, oh yes I do.  Mostly.  And I pay strict attention to my online "chores".  I love making calls, filling out reports, contacting companies, and learning about online stock trading

No really, I do. 


And believe me, I don't take a break every few seconds to check my email.  And see if there is anything new on Facebook.  Or to play silly little online games. 

Because, you see, that would be wasting time.  Yes, I'm sure of it. 

And that is something I never ever do. 

Which is why I am ignoring the beautiful stormy day, and my book, and my bed. 

And blogging instead. 

Because that for darn sure is NOT a waste of time. 



  1. oh No! Blogging is NEVER a waste of time. Neither is Twitter or Facebook. Or commenting on other blogs. Or making videos of yourself to put on Youtube. Or emailing your BEST online pals to tell them you are SO eXCITED to hang out with them in real life...*hint hint* That's YOU babe!

    What book are you reading?

  2. Or playing games---Esp. on a cloudy day. Or when you are bored. We won't be bored in a couple of weeks...;)

  3. You seriously crack me up. I definitely hear you!


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