Friday, May 7, 2010

For my Mom

When I was but a wee one
at the dawn of life
your face was what I searched for
in times of pain and strife.

When I was just a small child
about to cross the street
your hands pulled me to safety
and never missed a beat.

When I was a young woman
and very nearly grown
your words were what helped me
make decisions of my own.

And then that moment came
holding mine, so small and new
that I looked up into your eyes

and for the first time, I saw you.

This was the little poem I wrote for a contest at the Clearplay blog. Didn't win, but I kinda liked it anyway. I guess poems are my thing of late.

By the way, you still there? Let me know if you are.


  1. YES!!! I'm here. And need to email you about something.
    Thanks for reminding me!!!

    Talk to YOU later...

  2. Oh, and I like your poem.
    Your poetry has gotten really good...
    Wow. Talented poetry lady.

  3. I read every post. I like your positive outlook.


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