Sunday, May 30, 2010

What I'm good at

Tripping over my tongue, especially when I'm embarrassed or when I think I am being accused of something. 

Tripping over my feet.  In front of people.  A lot. 

Loving unconditionally.  Everyone but myself. 

Giving 100%.  Some of the time.  And usually happily. 

Being inconsistent on my blog.  But sticking with it nonetheless.

Forgetting things.  A lot. 

(What was I talking about again?  Oh yeah, I remember now.)

Running after hotel carts while racing to grab the door that is about to lock shut on me.  And looking like a spaz to thankfully nobody but myself. 

Slipping under garage doors while they are shutting.  Without getting squashed.  And only once slipping and falling on my butt while engaged in the aforementioned activity. 

Kissing my five boys.  And telling them I love them.  Every day.  At least five times a day.  

Losing my skirt.  At the crossroads of the hall.  At church.  The first Sunday in my new ward. 

Failing at my relationships with friends. 



Squeezing. With all my heart and soul, those that are mine for so short a time. 

Making mistakes.

Giving others more credit than I give myself. 




What are you good at?  


  1. Sounds like a blog post a-coming.
    I'm good at being me.
    Laughing. Blogging.

    Hey wasn't that the theme for CBC this year? :)

  2. You are so good at this. I love the way you say things. You really should be a writer.


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