Monday, May 31, 2010

Sadness with a cherry on top

After the casual blogger conference I was all excited to write again. 

So I do. 

But then, I discover that there is only one person left reading my blog. 

Oh, my friends, why hath I forsaken you? 

I've made a goal to be on the computer less.....but I've also made a goal to read the blogs of my friends more. So if you do read me, and you have a blog, can you tell me what it is?

Anyhoodle, I am back.  I hope for good, guess we'll see.  

I can't promise that I will write every day, just like I can't promise that I will ever wear a pair of john deere boots, as cool as they are. 

But I will at least write a few days a week. 

And I hope, over time, the passion for writing will come back.  As will my genius writing skills. 

I've got some definite changes coming soon in my life.  Nothing really huge, just some things I'm really excited about.  And I will write about them. I hope. 

But for now, I am just praying I will be able to catch up on the millions of things I need to do. 

And that I will be able to remember everything I need to do. 

And stop having headaches. 

And feel rested one of these days. 

But until then, I am enjoying my family, and the chaos, and the kisses.

Cuz' you know what?  Life is good. 


  1. I am excited to hear about your good news!

  2. Glad to hear there's good stuff in the works - doesn't have to be huge, good is still great! :-)

  3. what IS this good news you keep talking about?
    Are you pregnant?
    Hmm. That would be cool.

    I must find out! Please?

    And of course more than one person reads your blog. And it is NOT just me...:) silly Sharla!

  4. I'm glad you are excited to write again! And I totally think you should go for the boots! HA!

  5. bloggy balance is within our grasp... or at least that's what I've heard - haven't figured it out myself of course... you let me know if you find the solution!

  6. blogging is fun to do fun to do.. ha ha I think we all have a burn out of it.. SO glad you are back . I hope that things are going good for you..

  7. take the time you need, we will be here when you get back!

  8. I'm here, but I am lame at reading blogs on a regular basis. I'm always playing catch up!

  9. Glad you are writing,it is fun to know what's going on with you. This is ridiculous! Who needs one more thing to keep up with and feel stressed about? I waited forever to do a blog because I didn't want to feel pressured to keep it up. Now I haven't posted since Christmas and I feel awful. Oh well, if that is the worst thing going on I am okay with it. Just post when you feel like it and enjoy it:)

  10. I have a blog as well and it is still pretty new. I try not to stress about getting things up everyday. I just want to keep it fun!

  11. See you have lots of readers. I am one though I don't always comment. My bad.

  12. Well, there are at least 14 of us still reading. I am glad you have found some balance. I am not able to blog every day anymore is just too much sometimes!

  13. Hope the creative juices continue to flow and in the mean time, have fun catching up on your blog-reading =) I'll be looking for your posts!


  14. Yeah, you know I read eventually. When I have time in my crazy life. Glad for your good news! How you'll find time to write in the next couple of months I do not know . . . :)


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