Friday, May 21, 2010

Love me some One EskimO

I am very excited to share one of my newest favorite bands!  You may have heard their song Kandi since it has been the top song on adult rock stations for the last four weeks.  If not, you should check it out

While I love "Kandi" my favorite song on their album is actually "Astronauts".  The more I listen to it the more I love it.  You can download that one for free through Twitter HERE.  

One thing I really love about this band is that it appeals to all ages.  I have the CD in my car and everytime we go somewhere my Nine year old son asks me to play my One eskimO CD.  His favorite is "All Balloons" which is definitely one of the most musically interesting songs on their CD. Some other things I love are the fact that not all songs on their CD sound the same.  I can listen to their CD and not get bored with hearing the same basic tune over and over.  I also love their use of horns and other interesting instrumental sounds.  

I would definitely suggest that you check them out too!  Happy listening!

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