Thursday, January 14, 2010

There is sunshine...

The other day I was listening to someone who was being interviewed about the people in Haiti.  She said that one thing that has always impressed her about Haitians is that despite their poverty they are always happy and smiling and cheerful. 

How can I whine about my children, when they are healthy, safe and fed? How can I complain about the messes when all it means is that I have a house with more stuff in it than many people will have in their lifetime? When will I finally realize and remember that the blessings I have are too many to be numbered? And that it is ridiculous to sit here with a frown when those with so much less are smiling?  

I don't know if I'll remember tomorrow, or the next day, or the next.  I can't promise I will never whine again, or get overwhelmed, or forget to be grateful.  

But for today at least, I do not have a single thing to complain about.

For today I'll think about and pray for others.

As every day I should.  


  1. Yup. This is a good reminder. No complaints. Just be glad my kids are fed, despite the constant laundry reminder.

    Hope U have a good day, Sharla!

  2. I totally agree with you! But when I have to go and clean up my kids mess in the next room and then have to find something to make dinner I am sure that it will be the last thing from my mind. What makes the difference? I want to be more like them!!


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