Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Join the party!

I am joining the Merry SITSmas party today! A new prize every hour!!! If you haven't heard of SITS yet you need to head on over and check it out!

If you're new here I hope you'll go check out some of my older posts. I posted every day in November but so far in December I've been crazy busy and a little blogged out, I'll admit.

But I have some fabulous readers that like me even though I'm a NERD! Amazing, isn't it?

Have a wonderful day!


  1. The prizes every hour are amazing. Last year I missed out on a few of them, well because we can't sit in front of the computer all day now can we? Have fun today and Mery SITSMas!

  2. It's beginning to look a lot like SITSmas...

  3. Wishing you and your family the happiest of holidays. Merry SITSmas!

  4. Merry SITMAS to you! I haven't quite figured out the giving stuff away part out yet but I am a newbie still...maybe if I hang around long enough I'll get it...

    Merry Christmas too!!!!!

  5. May all your dreams come true. Merry SITSmas!

  6. Hope you had a very merry SITSmas!

  7. Hope you had a merry SITSmas!
    I am a newbie to the SITStahood!

  8. Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest

    I am new to SITS, but hope you had Merry SITSmas!


  9. Sorry I am late, but I am making my way through the entire SITSmas list, I want to visit everyone to wish everyone happy holidays! So Merry SITSmas!


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