Sunday, November 29, 2009

Once again I'm on my knees

Someone who knows me, and also reads my blog, made an interesting comment to me the other day. They said that I am a lot more negative here on my blog than I am in person. I spent some time trying to figure out if that was a bad thing and I guess I feel that in some ways it is. Yeah, I use my bog as a place to vent, unwind, let off steam, say things that honestly I probably wouldn't talk about much in real life.

But that is a main part of why I blog. And honestly, I think the fact that I can do that does make me happier in real life. And since my kids don't read my blog I think that's probably a good thing.

However, my life really is so good. And I am failing if I am not portraying here on my blog how blessed I am and thankful for the wonderful things in my life.

After my little rant and rave about our mysterious complaining neighbor and the visit from the police, I had something happen that really put things into perspective for me.

I discovered on the front seat of my car an envelope. All it said on the front was Happy Holidays and inside was some cash. I interrogated all of my family who was here and I am pretty sure it wasn't any of them. Which probably leaves someone in my "neighborhood".

It's sad that from one hurt, one person, I'm ready to forsake the entire neighborhood. When up until then everyone I had met was amazingly nice and wonderful. And they all still are. So I won't cultivate that bad seed, I won't look at everyone around me wondering who doesn't like me. I will love them all, just like I would have otherwise.

And I hope that one thing I will never fail to do is be on my knees giving thanks for the wonderful people in this world, and the wonderful blessings we have.

For the past four or more Christmases people have done things for us. From giving money, food, gifts for twelve days, THIS amazing experience last year, and then getting an envelope with money this year, I am so humbled. I don't know why people choose us.

But I am determined to find a way to pass it on. Somehow.

Until then, thank you to everyone in our lives. I truly love you!


  1. Oh, that makes me so happy to hear that the nice, Christ like people over power the negative.

    This is your blog and I think you should be able to be negative if you need to. It is kind of a journal and I would expect that you would write exactly how you feel in a journal. I love reading it to know what is on your mind, good or bad.

  2. I am so thrilled that you had a different experience the the one with the police at your door! Thanks for the boost of goodness!

  3. That is awesome. We are having a very hard time ourselves financially, and it is hard sometimes to remember to look at the blessings not just the bad stuff. I pray you have a blessed holiday season.

  4. I think it's tough for us bloggers. We express ourselves online in different ways than we might be/appear/seem in "real life." I think you're doing just fine.

    I enjoy your blog, for the insight it gives me and this post, for the "pass it forward" gratitude.

    You are blessed.

  5. Aww. I am glad. The Lord looks after his children through others. I am glad someone is looking out for you.
    You are very blessed indeed! I am glad I know you.

  6. What a blessing! It's hard when we write on our blogs to remember that the readers aren't getting the full picture. I'm glad to know that things are good, that you continue to be blessed, and that you have this place to vent and talk and all of that. Because we need those places, too.

  7. What a great post and what a wonderful perspective! I am stopping over from Lolli's tonight and I am so glad to read this! It was refreshing! I think that blogs are a great way to vent! And a great way to be thankful to! It seems like you are doing a perfect job of that!

  8. What a nice neighbor, or someone in your ward that they did that.. It is totally ok that you "vent" here.. Where else are you supposed to do it? It helps keep you sane!


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