Saturday, November 28, 2009

Well the cop was nice

Even if it means that somebody in my neighborhood obviously doesn't like me.

Because really, who actually calls the cops on somebody in their neighborhood? Especially for something so silly?

If I had a problem with something going on in my neighborhood I would go talk to them first. Not call the police.

So a bit ago a police officer stopped by at our house to tell us that someone in our neighborhood had a complaint.

Apparently according to them somebody who comes to my "daycare" (which is actually a preschool) is parking in somebody's driveway and then letting their small child either walk across the road or across their grass.

Now granted, I don't always see where they park but I have never seen anyone who comes to my preschool park in someone else's driveway and walk across the street or across the grass in another yard.

They park in my driveway, or along the sidewalk, and walk on my grass and the sidewalk, which is okay with me.

They come three times a week, two times in the morning. And somebody has done something, within the course of a few months, to make someone actually call the cops?

Is that the way things work here in Saratoga Springs? Because if so, maybe we don't want to buy a house here.

The only thing we ALL have to do is turn around in a driveway because our street is dangerously narrow. But that wasn't the complaint, was it?

So needless to say, I'm a little miffed, and a little hurt. I won't lie.

But the police officer was very very nice. So I guess that makes it better.

It just stinks that I've apparently made an enemy within a few months of living here. And that now I will always wonder who it is.

It's like this bad seed planted. And my tears are the rain.

I'll try my best to not let it grow.


  1. Hey we love to have you in our neighborhood. I would even let you walk on our grass too. Sorry you had to have that happen. I would go around to all your neighbors and make them cookies. smother them with kindness. What part of Saratoga Springs do you live in?

  2. That's too bad. My parents have a neighbor who is constantly calling the police on the people around him and it causes a lot of ill will in the neighborhood. It almost seems cowardly to me that someone would call the police on someone they (presumably) have never met instead of just talking to them!

  3. Too bad people have to find things to complain about huh? That is hard. I wouldn't let it bother you too much, they are probably not people you want to be friends with anyhow. Unfortunately every town has to have one of them. Really childish if you ask me.

  4. some people have way too much time on their hands. if a person was that uptight about his (or her) precious grass, why wouldn't he (or she) just put up a Keep Off Grass sign? and as for "parking in the driveway"? i have only this to say: HORRORS! HORRORS! THE CAR. IN. THE DRIVEWAY! FOR LIKE. 4 MINUTES! IN A ROW!

    neighbor FAIL.

  5. I'm sorry. I have no idea who called the police.

  6. I hope you don't let one bad incident color where you live. We can't make everyone happy, no matter what we do. And some people are just testy like this person seems to be; it's just their nature. My mom was like that...she'd peer out of the window, lol, and talk about all that she saw the neighbors doing,and any little thing unnerved her. It was just her personality. And she is a nice, good person, she just has that weird quirk. I bet the person who called just has a quirk...not a grudge. Perhaps you could just have parents pick up a little note when they drop kids off asking them to please make sure they only use your outside space, due to neighbor request. :) These little things can give us a bit of a jolt sometimes, yes? Anyway, a big hug to you from over here!!

  7. That is crazy! I am so sorry you got your feelings hurt. I am sure that is just one bad apple in the bushel. :(

  8. That really stinks. I'm sorry that neighbor did that....but at least you got a good cop!

  9. So sorry that happened! The same thing happened a few years ago to another gal in your neighborhood. I'm thinking it sounds like a repeat caller. Try not to take it so hard, most people in the 'hood are very nice!

  10. Sharla, What happened? That is just crazy. I thought our neighborhood was pretty nice (well for the most part and I think I have an idea who it would be...we have had problems in the past with just one of our kinda anal neighbors.) I will have to come and talk to you. Thank you so much for letting us borrow that thermometer... you saved our thanksgiving!!

  11. Some people are just like that. They are stingy about things that do not even matter. Don't let it bother you. They are just being dumb!


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