Friday, November 6, 2009

Fail to shower Friday

I was wandering through my old posts a couple of days ago and I found one where I declare my own memes.

And as I was thinking today of what to write I remembered that my Friday meme was Fail to Shower Friday. So I decided to go back and see how I'm doing with those.

In that post I promised that I would never fail to do those things. So I decided to check and see if I am a liar. That was quite a while ago, back at the end of January, when we were still in small town Ferron, and we hadn't lost our job yet, and the twins weren't even two yet! Yowser!

So let's check it out and see how I'm doing......

Sing a hymn Sunday (Yep, I sing hymns at church every Sunday so that one's not hard to do)

Maybe make it out of bed Monday. (I'll admit, this was a little harder to do last year because my preschool was in the afternoon. But let me tell you, it's not getting any easier, that's for darn sure.)

Trip on a toy Tuesday (Uh, yeah, and every other day of the week)

Wish it was the weekend Wednesday (Yep again, although I wish it was the weekend from about Monday on)

Throw away a diaper Thursday. (The twins are not potty trained yet so this is a big fat YES!)

Fail to Shower Friday (this is no longer my free day and I would say that nowadays I usually shower Friday but guess what?! I didn't yet today. Although that's the plan after I finish this post)

Sleep in Saturday (If I'm lucky this is still true. Although I have to be ready to leave here at 7 tomorrow to go to the temple so I guess I'm a liar this week)

So yeah, I guess I'm not too much of a liar. Just a little.

What are your favorite memes?


  1. Cool! You go Sharla.
    I don't know if I have any original memes.
    I just follow the Blogger crowd and post Wordless Wednesdays and Stick it to me Tuesdays.
    I'm not that creative. I can't be that original all the time.
    But I like Fail to Shower Friday. LOL!

  2. I'm so old I don't know what a "meme" is. So you could do whatever you want and I wouldn't know;)

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  4. Edited for typo:
    As a rule, I wasn't going to follow any memes on my blog because they are too cookie cutter, but I have done some that I felt I could get behind. I do Change The World Wednesday from ReduceFootprints.blogspot because I think it a worthy cause, and it helps her out. I made up Word Wednesday where I choose a word and share its definition (though I thought I made it up, I'm sure somebody else somewhere also does it...), and I often do Silent Sunday.

    Daily showers are overrated and I think it is good to save water whenever possible. Fail to shower on!


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