Friday, January 30, 2009

Fail to shower Friday (already failed)

How many of you have seen or do "memes" I think they're being called? They are weekly/daily posts with a theme. For example, Not me Monday, Tell all Tuesday, Wordless Wednesday, Thankful get the idea. Maybe you do them yourself and that is fantastic, really, I admire you.

I did the Not Me Monday thing once on my family blog. Once. It looked fun, the ones I had read were funny and I wanted to hop on board.

So what's my problem? I can't commit. I can't promise that I will want to do those things on those days and that I will then want to post about it. Sorry, no go. I know it would be great and I'd be getting more done if I did Tackle it Tuesday or Works for me Wednesday.

But it aint gonna happen. Sorry, guys. So here is my week of memes. I promise you that I will commit to doing these things every week on these days. I don't promise I'll blog about it though......

Sing a hymn Sunday

Maybe make it out of bed Monday

Trip on a toy Tuesday

Wish it was the weekend Wednesday

Throw away a diaper Thursday

Fail to Shower (Clean) Friday

(this is the only day I don't teach preschool, piano or voice lessons)

Sleep in Saturday

So there you have it. I'm commited. And I promise I won't let you down (uhhh, maybe). Care to join me?

*Edited to add* My dear readers...I promised you and I already failed. I could no longer stand my own smell in the late afternoon and I took a shower. So now my friday is edited to be Failed to _______. Because I guarantee I'll always be so tired that I'll fail to do something I should.


  1. Oh man, I wish I had Sleep in Saturdays! Baby wakes up at the same time every day though, and that's hub's one day to sleep in every week. I get Sundays ;)

  2. I'm in! Well, except for the diapers . . . :) And if there's something good going on Saturday I might get up for it.

  3. Don't see any pink square with notes--are you talking up in the address bar where the orange Blogger B is now?

  4. Yes, it's there. It's up there by the URL. How cute! How do you do that?

  5. I can see your music notes. Very fun!!! I love your memes. I had actually never heard of a meme. Maybe I need to come up with my own. To do anyway, not necessarily blog about either. :o)

  6. *laughing* I'm IN!! Except for the diapers too, mine are teenagers, strangely it's still trip over the toys Tuesday around here!! lolol

    I love it! Way to go! I can commit to this, or maybe it's I should be committed!?! hmmmmm

  7. I'm afraid I can't commit to Sleep in Saturday's - not with a 2 and a 1 year old in the house. But other than that, I'm totally with you.

  8. LOL - I'm in. I don't see your favicon....but I have no idea what that I'm not sure what I'm looking for!

  9. ok, seriously, I was telling Mark about your memes and laughing all over again. This was a great post.

  10. Now that's my kind of meme. Though I did shower today, because of my new carpool thing.

    How do you manage all that teaching? Amazing!

    I can see your favivon, and I'm guessing that if you can't, you need to clear your cache or your history, etc. Also try looking in Firefox v. IE or something.

    Anyway, it's cute!

  11. I am SO in on Thursdays. Shall we keep count of how many and what kind as well? HA.

    got your header comment - THANK YOU! You're too kind. I'll email privately; I'd be honored!!!!!

  12. You are funny. Those are the things I can commit to usually too. Good luck!


  13. That sounds good to me and pretty easy, except for the trip on toy...mine will be trip on animal!
    Then Forget what day it is on Tuesday, Wednesday,thursday and then be completely lonely on Friday, since I don't see anyone and am all by myself. Oh, that should be on Monday too.
    I always have to look to see what day it is. Funny.


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