Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A pain that cuts so deep

Sometimes I look out of my safe little world. My glasses have a rosy tint but the gray and rain leak through, no matter what I do.

So much sorrow. So much sadness. So much suffering.

It's enough to break your heart into a million little pieces, a million times a day.

So I retreat into my cozy little world. Where it's happy. Where it's safe. Where love resides.

But with every moment, every kiss, every memory, I open up a little more. The greatest love leaves you open for the greatest pain.

Love heals. But it also leaves you balancing above the abyss. I cry just imagining life without the ones I love. Sometimes I can't sleep worrying that I'll lose it all.

I hold to the faith that if that pain ever comes (and pray that it won't) that I'll remember the One who has felt it all. On purpose. He didn't turn away. He didn't hide from it. He did what I could never ever do....but of course only He could.

And He did. It stills amazes me.

If you are in pain. If you have lost someone you love. If you are hurting.

My heart is with you.

And His always has been with you, and always will be. That I know to be true.


  1. Aw! I know what you mean. I am scared to death that now John and I are doing what we are.. that one of us will die. Weird maybe, but we both feel this way. I'd hope it would be me, because I would be lost without him, but then I heard a talk or story once and thought.. I wouldn't want him to do that to me. :( So why would I want to leave him behind? We then agreed we'd have to just all die together, kids and all. I've had the strange feeling for the past few years that I will die in a car accident.

    Now I'm getting depressed... so let's go in a different direction here, I agree with you. HE did go through it all for us. We can find comfort because 1- he knows our pain, 2- he loves us and is there with us and for us at all times.

    You have brought beautiful tears to my eyes. I'm so thankful to have met you and can't wait to get to know you more and more.

  2. what a beautiful post. It is always good to have a reminder of what we are all doing here in this crazy world

  3. This is so important to remember every moment of every day - twenty + four hours a day!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  4. There isn't anything to say that hasn't already been said... So true...


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