Tuesday, October 6, 2009

I'm wishing.....Snow White review

I can still remember watching Snow White as a little girl . I always loved her tinkling sweet voice, she is definitely one of my favorite Disney princesses. I always tried to get birds to sing and harmonize with me like she did but I never seemed to manage it. And who can resist the adorable 7 dwarves? Not me, I tell you what.

Anyway, I was so excited when I was chosen to receive a copy of the Snow White Diamond Edition DVD and Blue Ray for us to try out! We never get to buy movies when they first come out, and this time we got to watch it for a few days before it even came out! Which is today by the way!

Now I'll be honest here, I was a little worried about reviewing this movie, I do have four boys after all. But it turns out all I really had to worry about was if I would get sick of watching it about 20 times a day! My boys absolutely love it, especially the twins. And the miracle is, I'm not tired of it. Yet.

So yeah, yeah, we've all seen Snow White, blah blah blah, who cares, right? Wrong! This very cool edition is not only available for a limited time (I think, anyway) it also comes with a regular DVD version, and a Blue Ray version. Thus the only tragedy is that we don't have a blue ray player. But if we did, we would now get to enjoy these added benefits:

  • Up to 6x better quality than DVD
  • 7.1 Surround Sound
  • Immersive activity with games and special features
  • Kid proof-more scratch resistant (hallelujah!)
  • Plays both Blu-ray and DVD discs
  • Blu-ray also plays on Sony Playstation 3 players
Please excuse me for a minute while I cry that we don't have one of these........okay, (sniff) I'm back. The kid proof scratch resistance alone sells it for me! And I know that now that you've read this amazing review you want to head right on over and check it out, right? Here's the links for you to do just that!

Snow White Diamond Edition Website: http://bit.ly/SWOfficialSite
Snow White Blu-ray Edition Trailer: http://bitly.com/O2O_SW_trailer
Disney Timeless Memories - Blu Ray High Definition DVDs and Movie TV Spot: http://bit.ly/Disney_HD_Bluray_spot

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  1. I wish I were 20 again, 20 years younger, 20 lbs. lighter

  2. I think that the first time I saw Snow White (and loved it) was about 20 years ago.

  3. Well it wasn't quite 20 years ago when I watched it with my soon to be hubby and when the prince carried Snow White off into the sunset, he leans over to me and says "your kingdom or mine?" I could have SLUGGED him.

  4. I loved Snow White as a little girl , but it has been forever since I have seen it. My husband and I were just talking about this movie the other day. I told him we were going to have to buy it because I am having a little girl, hopefully any day now. My due date is the 24th, but I'm guessing more around the 10th. My husband chose the 16th, but my 7 year old picked Oct. 20th as the BIG DAY!!


  5. Isn't it wonderful that this is a movie you could watch 20 (twenty) times or more and never tire of it?

    It is a sign of a wonderful movie when you still have people eager to see it 20 years (or many more than 20 years) after it was released!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com


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