Friday, September 25, 2009

Monkey is my middle name.

My boys are monkeys. They jump like monkeys, they act like monkeys. And when I'm stumbling over the name of whichever kid I happen to be talking to at the time, they have the nickname Monkey. In fact, that is one of the only words my twin Winnie can say, and he uses the word monkey for almost everything. It's hilarious.

So when I was contacted by Monkey Business Sports I was so excited because I knew it was just perfect for my four monkeys! They very very generously sent us a Compound Bow X2 for Ebug my 8 year old, a Pocket Shot for Roo my 5 year old, and a SpiderBall for each of my twins. (I know, seriously, how many companies will send you something for EACH of your kids so nobody feels left out?! They're awesome!)

You can probably tell just by looking at the fun toys that they were an absolute hit with my kids! They loved them! From the moment they opened that box and found out that for once it was actually for them they were a hit! They have had hours of fun with these. Although I did have to remind them to not aim at people! So far they have been able to withstand the rough play that my boys have given them and the prices are fantastic!!

I would very highly recommend that if you are looking for some great toys for your kids Monkey Business Sports is one place you will want to start!

Right now you can get a free SpiderWriter with every order, they have free shipping on orders that are $50 or more (which believe me, is a lot of toys). And, if you sign up for their newsletter you are entered to win a $100 giveaway every month!

You know you want to go check it out.......

P.S. Leave a comment on this post with the number 20 and you will be entered to win my $20 giveaway HERE! But don't forget I want it to be relevant to this post! Thanks a bunch!


  1. Monkey. That's good. Much better than "you, yeah you" when I forget their names. which is about 20 times a day come to think of it.

  2. so I could use like 20 of those toys. we nickednamed my first Monk.. short for monkey and its stuck.. however the second is the same, and we have followed through buying him monkey pajamas!

  3. Now you know why MY blog is named Monkey's Momma. Twenty times out of ten, he ends up hurting himself by acting like a Monkey! :)

  4. I bet Roo tries to hit something 20 times a day with the foam ball from his new Pocket Shot.

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  5. This is just what I was looking for. The templates are a nice idea. Good Luck
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  6. Hmm, Morgan's birthday is approaching. There are probably 20 things that he would love. Or my husband. Or me!

  7. I have two monkeys, but most days it feels like their are 20 of them living here. I love the toys and I know my kids would love them too!Thanks for sharing it, maybe they will get some for christmas.

  8. This looks like a lot of fun, perfect gift for my nephew.

    I have an award waiting for you at

    Please do not feel pressured to post it, I know how busy us Mamas are, but I just wanted to let you know, you have a Lovely Blog!

  9. i wish i had been given a boz of 20 toys to review from this company! sounds like fun!!


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