Sunday, October 4, 2009

My first guest post by One Cluttered Brain!

So ya'll know I've been in a bit of a blogging slump. Inspiration seems to be very few and far between for me these days. I have started about, oh, 10 or so posts but none seem to make it to completion. So you are lucky today to read a guest post from my IRL zany blogger friend, One Cluttered Brain! Hope you enjoy! (It definitely makes me blush ;)


"Howdy MomNerd Readers!
Your beloved author of Mom Nerd has lost her blogging muse and has asked me to take a post or two over. So here it goes folks!
Let me introduce myself. My Bloggy name is One Cluttered Brain. Why is my mind so full of clutter you might ask? Well it starts with EVERYTHING I have to do on a daily basis--laundry, dishes, mothering, chauffeur, friend, blogger, FB user, wife...AND it continues onward the next day. IT NEVER ENDS!!! I have been a blogger since January 2009. At first I tended to keep to myself, I mean who wants to hear from a overworked housewife and mother that has trouble organizing all the things she has to get done in one day. Then I started to read all of your blogs. WOW! You people are freakin awesome! I mean how can I write like you? Some of you have your special fonts and your hearts in your writing, and others just have a way of making me feel like YES I am your friend, please come back and visit me. That's why I come back to your blogs. You make me laugh. You make me cry. You make me realize that there are women out there just like me. People that have trouble getting their housework done and on occasion have sat on Facebook almost all day messing around. *Oh no! Not me. I have NEVER done that. Just ask my family.** (Maybe you better not.) But you know what I am talking about, right? What makes you people continue to get up in the morning day in and day out and do your *stuff*? (the Facebooking, the BLOGGING, the dishes, *yech*, the mothering, the reading of most excellent books, the errands.....)
For me I think it's because of all of you. I am not in the least that popular yet. I mean the most comments I have gotten is about 10 on one post. (Miss MomNerd has gotten several hundred comments. YOWZERS!) It is worth it to me to get my BLASTED chores done and ALL the other stuff before I sit down at the computer to be with all of you. (That doesn't happen all the time. Like today I sat down BEFORE I got my dishes done. Naughty me, I know.) I mean it's like you invite me into your living rooms everyday to sit and chat. I like that. Besides you people are helping me create a work of art. I like to write. I dabble in writing stories. Most of them never find completement, (Is that a word?) but I will complete a story. I will complete it for you, my blogger friends. (But first and foremost for me cause hey I'm selfish like that.) You would too if it was your story, wouldn't you?
I think I am nearing the end. I mean I don't wanna bore all you MomNerd readers out there to never visit her site again. She is cool. She is MY friend in real life. Yes folks, I knew her before I blogged! *Gasp.* There is life before blogging. (There is life after blogging but that is another story.) Thank you for dropping by. I think MomNerd will be back to her old self in no time at all. Especially because she has ALL of you that like her. (She's so cool isn't she?)
Sayonara my NEW Blogger friends! If you want to stop by my NEWLY designed blog, (designed by yours truly MomNerd) Feel free to hop on over. After you leave a cool comment on here of course....:)))) Peace to you ALL!


  1. Wow! Thanks for posting this. I hope your readers haven't crawled up and died because where's all your comments? They will come I know...just wait and see....You would think I have a problem with patience or something...:))

  2. Great guest post! That is so cool that you all are friends IRL! Oh and I so know what you mean-I would never be on FB or Blogs most of the day -while the chores get ignored -Ok maybe that has happened a time or 2 ;)

  3. Chores will always wait for you. They are very patient. I know MINE are. Thanks for this post. Happy blogging to One Cluttered Brain and to the Mom Nerd!

  4. I love being over at "ONE CLUTTERED BRAIN" She's amazing!! And Momnerd, I love what you did for the look of her blog!! It rocks!!!


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