Monday, July 13, 2009

It's time to move again

I can't believe I'm going to tell you guys about this. I start turning red just thinking about it. But before I get to that I'll give you a little background.

For the most part, the move went really well. We had a lot of help, which is what even made it possible (and you all know who you are!) It was exhausting, and emotional, and after a few bumps we were finally here and moved in.

While moving in, it started to rain. Actually, it started to pour. The water was making a pool in the front part of our garage and while I was trying to move to the front to move things out of the way my flip flops started to slide. Slipping, sliding, waving my arms around like a crazy person, I tried to regain my footing. But it just wasn't to be. Down I went, flat on my face, spread eagle style. Oh yeah, it was smooth. I managed to turn my head and take it mostly in the knee and left side of my body. But oh, did I hurt for days afterwards.

So there's the first part of my story. First day we move in, I fall flat. And not very gracefully if I do say so myself. I was essentially swimming in my garage just to get back up. And then I spent the rest of the time in wet clothes because my clothes were packed.

After that things went better. The sun came out, the neighborhood had this adorable Canadian parade that my kids watched and got candy from. (And oh my goodness, there are SO MANY kids in our neighborhood. I love it!) Neighbors came over to help. My cousin that lives in our neighborhood brought yummy pizza and more helping hands. It was good.

In the last week we've met more neighbors and people at the park. We've had people bring us cookies and welcome cards. Everyone has been so nice and I absolutely love our neighborhood.

And then yesterday happened.

It was our first Sunday at church here. One thing I love about being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is that wherever you move you have "family" in the gospel. That is how I felt there at church. Everyone was so nice. I had just walked down the hallway to the Primary room (where the children are for a while during church). I had said hello to my new friend Heather I met at the park, and was stopped right before the door, when it happened.

Whoooop! My skirt slipped right to the floor. I didn't even have time to grasp for it, it just went down. Faster than I've moved in a long time I had that skirt back up, but not before Heather and the other lady she was talking with saw me. Of course I am laughing and blubbering in complete humiliation. And I'm looking around frantically to see who would have seen. I am so so so thankful they were the only two who saw. It could so easily have been more, since I was in direct view of two different hallways. And there were definitely men around.

So there you go. I'm off to a great start.

As the biggest nerd of all time.

But I'm sure hoping people will like me anyway.

P.S. In an attempt to make me feel better, what is your most embarrassing moment?


  1. Oh no! So sorry!! But everything else sounds great!

  2. First off, I'm so glad that your move went nice and smooth(besides the falling flat on your face part). But there has to be some snags, right?
    Second, Wow. I really am not sure what to say to that last part...At least no one was there! Lol

  3. Oh ha ha ha! That is soooo funny - and awful!!! At least you made a big impression in your new ward! Please tell me you were wearing a slip!

    I'm so jealous of all the kids your children have to play with. There's only a 3 month old on our street and my kids are bored to death!

    I'm glad you like it there! Has your husband started his new job? Does he like it?

  4. Oh man, you must have been mortified! I hope it gets better from here on!

  5. Oy!
    Okay, I'll give you embarrassing.
    Third grade, big math test, so quiet you could hear a pin drop, and then.....BRAAAP. My little intestines let loose. The kid in front of me turned around whispered, "was that you?"
    I gave her the biggest, "sh, you'll get us in trouble look" and she turned back to her test.Whew.

  6. Well, you've definitely gotten off to a good start! When we first moved here my then almost 3 year old felt the need to relieve herself number 2 style on our front lawn. Where all the neighbors could see. I just hoped that none had been looking out their windows when that was going on. Nothing like letting the neighbors know how civilized and decent a family you are . . . We still made friends around here--you'll be fine! :)

  7. I am glad your move went well!! My most embarrassing moment was about 7 years ago. You see, I bowl on an all womens league and it was the week before Christmas so my parents were in town and they always show up at the bowling alley where me and my sister-in-law bowl. Well I was not feeling very well so I told the ladies on my team I was going to go home and I went up and talked to the owner of the bowling alley to let him know. Now, we are in the 8th frame of the 1st game and he says to me "Finish this game and then get out of here and go home and get some rest." Well, I bowled the 9th frame and went back over and sat down, that's when it happened.....I passed out and on the way down to the floor I threw up everywhere. I woke up to my brother yelling at my mother to get out of his way and let him take care of me. So not only did I do this in front of the four other ladies on my team but the whole bowling alley full of ladies and my whole family on my dad's side. I still hear about it today. Luckily I didn't have to hear about it that night because they called the squad to come and get me. Not sure what was wrong with me besides severe stomach pains and vomiting.

  8. Well, look at it this way. You got the embarrassing stuff out of the way early! LOL!

  9. Oh no!! Sounds like you handled it well though. Right? I mean, laugh and others will laugh with you!

    Okay, this is my embarrassing moment...I just got an email from my SIL, who is in Europe and has been for the last 2 weeks. We stayed at her house over the 4th before her housesitter arrived. She just emailed me tonight to say that I forgot some panties and my nightgown. Sheesh! I feel like such a dork!

    So here's a shout out to my SIL's housesitter...thanks for washing my night clothes. You rock!

  10. Well it could have been worse. I am glad you felt at home so quickly. Moves are hard on every part of your being. God is good. he protected you from a greater embarassment....a lot of overseers at your welcoming skirt event. I am truly glad no more saw...for your sake. As for the garage...I say pipe the water prevent this slick mess again. Are you renting? If so tell the landlord about your mishap and that it is a liability waiting to happen so that they will get on there toes and get it taken care of. Besides you have your little ones and hubby to take care of. What would happen if mommy is out of commission due to a nasty slip and fall. I am glad you have a strong support group. This is very important in any community. May God bless you and keep you and your family in this new adventure. May all your times there be filled with carished memories that continue to build every day. KIT Lots of Love Always MaLinda

  11. Sister Sharla! I'm just getting used to saying that cause I just got baptised!Yea! You are one of the most delightful people that I have met through blogging! My most embarrassing moment was years ago. At that time I attended a church who had communion in the front of the church at the altar, each row taking turns. Well, I choked on the bread! Not a little cough! No, not me! An I-CAN'T-BREATHE rip-roaring coughing choke that would not stop! So we both have had our moments in a church! Blessings!

  12. Oh goodness gracious! That is hilarious I was laughing so hard, half because it's funny and half because I can imagine how that would feel. I would have to say one of my most embarressing moments was when I was in the Messiah, me and a LOT of other people were walking down the stairs and I biffed it down half a flight. I almost took others with me. My skirt was almost to my waist. Coulddn't have much dignity singing my solo after that one.

  13. LMAO! Great story :)

    Good luck with the move, Sharla!

  14. College: I Tripped on the top step of a stair that opened up into a very wide/larg hallway and my books went flying almost hitting people and making a verry loud slaping noise as each one hit the floor. I didn't even look to see if any one saw =) I knew they heard me, or ran for their lives as abnormally large text books went flying =)

    Nice meeting you tonight. Love the blog.


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