Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring is in the air....... and begging.

I can remember exactly one week ago. How I felt. Warm, sunshine, budding, blossoming green. A light heart, plans for my very first garden. Excitement for a summer of lazy warm days, the real possibility of buying a house, finally. Plans for next year, preschool, piano, activities with the young women that I work with. A light step, a cheerful heart, excitement for the future even though things are not so great in our country right now. Things were so, so good in my life. I couldn't be blessed more.

Now I'm looking at a spring and summer of trying to find my husband a job, packing, finding a house, yard sales, cleaning, organizing, moving. I know we will find a job, we may even finally buy a house! Organizing and cleaning is always a good goal, and the move will be fine. It's not the spring and summer I anticipated, and I know there will be a lot of tears to leave the wonderful people here behind, but I guess I'm realizing that like the fresh changes of spring, we are embarking on our own fresh changes. And the Lord is looking out for us so it will be the right thing, whatever happens.

But there is one thing that I think would really cheer us up. I normally don't talk about other contests much here, I usually post them on S.C.A.G, but this was one I wanted to share because although I'd love to win it I'd be excited to have one of my readers win it as well! With all the heartache of losing our job wouldn't it be amazing if we found a great job, a house, and then won this??!! Okay, best to not get ahead of myself......even if we were still renting it would be fantastic to put it in Grandma and Grandpa's yard! I was so impressed with what I learned about this Three Ring Adventure play set and Kids Creations, the company that makes them. And that's not all!! You can also win a Canon PowerShot SD1100 Digital Elph (Elph just means the camera is part of the compact digital camera line from Canon)!! That way you can take great pictures of your new playground set!! Is this not the sweetest giveaway ever!!??

If you want to find out more about these fabulous products and the giveaway go to Dad Blogs and check it out! And if you win make sure you share the great news with me!! Good luck!!

By the way, if you sign up on Dad Blogs I can get extra entries!! If you do can you please email me or leave a comment with your username on Dad Blogs so I can get extra entries??? I guess I'm not above begging....


  1. I'm kinda getting excited for your change - I can say that because I know it will all work out and because you know it will all work out! Maybe I need to move to motivate me to get my house cleaned!

  2. Dione, I've actually been getting a little excited too, at least when I am staying close to the Lord and not letting despair take over. We got to go to the Temple dedication on Sunday and I knew that it was all going to be okay. It's still scary but it will be good!

  3. Man, so many people have great stories and reasons to win. I am rooting for all of you. Best of luck! Joe ~ Team Dad Blogs

  4. I'll go enter - not because I have a place to put it (I don't think they'd want to ship it here to me anyway LOL) - but so that YOU get extra entries and so that if by some chance I win.... I can have them ship it to Grandma's for ya. :-)

  5. I signed up and used you as a referral. It was a cool site and when I have time want to go back.

  6. Hey Michele and Melonie, if you happen to read this can you tell me what you used for usernames on Daddy blogs?

  7. Good luck with the move. I hope I win the playset but good luck with that too anyway.

  8. hope everything sorts itself out soon...good luck on the move and winning the playset (tho secretly inside i'll be wanting to win myself lol)


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