Thursday, March 19, 2009

Interview with.....well, not Barbara Walters

I know I talk about Jane at What About Mom way waaaay too much. I think I've single- handedly given her an oversize ego... almost. So I like to read her blog, think she's funny, and also a pretty incredible person. Big whoop. She hasn't even put my button on her blog. (you know I love ya! ;) Well, this time she wants to hear from me. Okay, so maybe it's only because I asked her to interview me in reply to this post but still. Here are my answers to her deep and philisophical questions......

5 Questions for You

1. Which of your kids do you worry about most? Why?

My kids? Worry? Pshaw! My kids are perfect. That should be obvious. *cough* Okay, okay, fine. I suppose I worry about them all but at this point in my life I definitely worry most about my oldest. He is like a little roller coaster with his emotions. I honestly can't figure him out half the time. One minute he is the sweetest little boy you ever did see, and the next it's like this little swamp monster comes out to play. I think what I worry about most is that he doesn't like church, doesn't like to pray or read his scriptures, and he's only 8. I just can't imagine what we have in store..... But we love him, he knows we love him, he knows his Father in Heaven loves him, and we're teaching him, so I know it will turn out okay.

2. How did you know your husband was the right man for you? Have you ever seriously doubted that in the years since getting married, and if so, how did you work it out?

Aaaah. I love talking about my man. He is my hunkahunka burnin love! To answer this question I have to give a bit of history. When I graduated H.S. I had my life all mapped out. College, mission, then marriage and kids. Instead I did marriage, kids, finish college, and someday go on a mission. So when I met Eldon I was so NOT looking to get married. I just wanted to date and have fun, finish school then get out there serving the Lord. Problem was, for the first time ever out of all the guys I had dated I found that I didn't want to date anyone else. I was like, weird.

Our dating and courtship is a long funny story but you probably want the short version. So we met in Sept, first date in Oct, he came to my house in Cali after Christmas, proposed, I said yes, and we were married July 31 of the next year. Now, the question is, why did I say yes? Because I knew I couldn't let him go. And when he got down and proposed, unexpectedly, I had this warm peaceful feeling wash over me from head to toe. And I knew. In the coming months of engagement I doubted and thought whattheheckamIdoing Idon'twanttogetmarriedyet!!??? But over and over again I went back to that feeling, and I still knew. There was no denying it. And when I knelt with him across that alter I knew, and to be honest I've never doubted since. Not once.

3. Have you ever practiced your acceptance speech for an award that’s pretty out of your league? Which award? How does your speech start?

*Ahem* Thank you so much to all of my adoring fans who are here with me today to celebrate this auspicious occasion. I know that I would not be here today if it were not for you. I'd most of all like to thank my very special cat, who has stayed by my side through all of the trials that any person of greatness inevitably finds themselves faced with. Pookie has been my hero and champion, cheering me on. So as I accept this award today I want to say thank you. Thank you for choosing me as the most wonderful blogger in the world.

No, really. I can't even think of a single award I want. And I'm allergic to cats.

4. Has this recession affected you yet? How? Are you afraid of what’s to come?

I can't say that it has really affected us personally. Except to just freak me out. To be perfectly honest I don't pay that much attention to it. I pretty much never watch the news. I have the hide your head under a blanket and pretend everything is good philosophy.

But I can't say I'm afraid of what's to come. I know what's going to come. I'm scared for my children, but I also know that whatever happens it will all come out right in the end. Some things I have been doing that are partly in response to the recession is get more serious about my food storage, start learning more survival skills, be more frugal, and we have taken a good look at our budget and debt and we now have a plan of action. I still don't know what we'd do if we lost our job. I doubt we could make it even a month without a paycheck at this point. We just found out yesterday about one teacher at my husband's school getting laid off for next year so that is scary. But we just keep our lives full of prayer and hope.

5. Underwire or not?

LOL, I love this question. Recession to bras....only Jane. I hope no creepy guys are reading this. I tend to not wear one as often as I can because I hate 'em. But it's pretty necessary that I do and when I do only underwire does the job.

Okay, now to my readers. If you would like ME to ask YOU some interview questions let me know in the comments. First five win!!


  1. I just found you on MMB and this was a great intro to your blog. Especially the bit about not wearing a bra. Oh man, if I could I would but it's underwire all the way for me baby.

  2. What the heck! I would love to play along....

  3. I do! I do! (have your button on my blog that is ...).

    Thanks for playing; I enjoyed your answers :). (How old were you when you got married? I was 2 days shy of 21, and never did fill out those mission papers ...)

  4. I enjoyed reading your post - and got a few chuckles at the same time. You're adorable!

  5. ROFL, you crack me up! I gotta think of some tougher questions for ya. LOL. And I am with ya on the bra thingy. I remember being worried about one kid or the other, depending on the year! A couple years it was Mase..then it was Sarah..then leah...then two at a time...and on.
    But, I want to know how in the world you juggle everything in a 24 hour period, because that part of my life is a blur..It all went by soooo fast!
    Always keep these wonderful memories (maybe not so much the bra thingy) tucked away somewhere where you can pull them out and share them with the ones you love. You will be telling them about living during the great depression of 2009! If you remember anything, LOL!

  6. I love the bra question and answer. I feel bad that the recession has affected you since the post. I felt the same way when I met my husband, I just didn't want to date anyone else. Good luck with everything


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