Wednesday, March 18, 2009

How I love happy endings!

The Tale of the Diaper Bag
The quest for the perfect diaper bag is over.
Once upon a time there was a Mother who wanted to find the perfect diaper bag. Eight years she had been on her quest........

When her first boy came along and she had yet to purchase a diaper bag, she ended up using the free one from whence the child was born. It was black, plain, and fairly useful, but it also fell apart at a rapid pace and she soon found that everyone else with babies had the same bag. Oh, the horror! There is no record of this bag because it has been retired.

As time went by she no longer needed such a bag and reverted back to a purse. But soon another baby boy came along. Once again she was faced with the dilemma of what to wear on her shoulder that could carry the supplies that every baby needs. She tried her school bags, backpacks, searched for diaper bags, but never found one she liked. She liked using her school messenger bag she had but there was nowhere to put sippy cups! So she settled for a child's backpack to last until diapers were no longer necessary.

But before she could dispense with it completely she found out that not only was there one more baby coming, but two! Oh, what was a mother to do?! She searched far and wide, online and off, and even bought a couple. But they were never quite right. One had straps the right length but was too small (she did have two babies after all), another she found was very cute but the straps were too short and it would just slip right off of her shoulder. (and of course she had no extra hand to carry it with!) and then she found one that did pretty well, but it had so many straps and buckles and pockets that it just was too big and bulky. Time went on and she grew more frustrated. Why was it so hard to find a bag that was cute, comfortable, and functional?

Then one day, not long ago, she was perusing The Giveaway and saw a review for a diaper bag from Zosephine. As she read more about this bag she grew to realize more and more that this was the bag she had always been searching for! A long adjustable (and gorgeous) strap, multiple pockets on the inside that she could wipe clean, a changing pad, cell phone pocket, and oh, did she mention absolutely GORGEOUS?! This fantastic company agreed to send her one to review (and oh how she loved them for that!) and she soon found that it really was all that she hoped it would be! The perfect size, gorgeous, functional, comfortable to carry, TWO pockets for sippy cups or bottles, and the best part? She can use it as a purse, a diaper bag, a school bag, or anything else she may want to use it for! Nobody ever has to know it's really a diaper bag. Although they will since she's been out taking it everywhere she goes and showing it to everyone she knows. This is a bag she'll have forever.....even after her wee ones aren't babies anymore.


  1. That is a cool bag-I hate carrying a diaper bag, but with twins we are always in need of something.

  2. I'm so glad you were able to get one too! This bags are the best, it's my favorite diaper bag I have by far :)
    Love your story too, I used the hospital bag at first and luckily got saved with a couple nice diaper bags after I started my blog, my Kyoto Zosephine bag being one of them ;)

  3. Wow. This is a really nice diaper bag. I would use this as a purse it's so pretty.


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