Friday, March 20, 2009

Books you want to jump into

Aside from music time, story time is the best part of teaching preschool and being a mom.
Not that you can't read picture books if you're not a mom, if you're not, you're definitely missing out! But there's just something about a new book you've never read before that is so exciting.

A little while ago I discovered Sterling Publishing. They were on Twitter looking for possible reviewers and I was all over that action! They offered to send me a few books to review and I can't even begin to tell you how excited I was! I buy books for my preschool from scholastic quite often and I do love them but they always wear out really fast. I was expecting a similar experience with these books.

Boy oh boy, was I wrong!! The three books I got are big, hardcover, bright, cheerful, fun and honest to goodness the nicest children's books I have ever owned. Hands down.

Here's a little more about them, you can click on the picture to find out more!

Otto Grows Down was definitely my 8 year old's favorite and he has read it over and over again since we got it.
Little Otto is at his sixth birthday and about to blow out the candles when his new baby sister ruins it all by crying! His parents ask him to shake his baby rattle for her. So he makes a wish.....that Anna was never born. Next thing he knows everything is going backwards and he can't stop it! At each birthday he tries to undo his wish but as he gets younger he can't even talk and he even has to wear a diaper! You'll have to read the book to find out what happens at his one year old birthday..........
This book is so fun and the pictures are fantastic! It is one I would definitely recommend buying, especially if you've got little siblings coming along! Your child will see that having a baby isn't so bad. Of course like Ethan said: "Why does he want her gone? He got a sister!"

This adorable little book No More Blanket for Lambkin! was Roo, my 4 year old's favorite. He is my snuggler. We're still trying to get him to stop sucking his thumb and he has a blanket he loves to carry around as well. Although not to the extent of Lambkin, he forgets about it unless he can see it. Roo was upset the first time we read this book because he didn't want little Lambkin's blanket taken away. But Lambkin's friend Ducky makes washing it an adventure. In the end Lambkin's blankie may not be the same......but Lambkin is still happy! This book really is sweet and the pictures are just adorable. It makes me want to jump right in that book and snuggle Lambkin myself!

Our next story, Chicky Chicky Chook Chook is the kind of book that I just love to read with my preschoolers. It is full of bright, fun, splashy colors, alliteration, rhyming and good old fashioned fun! After the first few times reading it my preschoolers were reading right along and we even turned it into a song! This is a book that will have your kids asking you to read it to them again and again! And you'll find they'll read right along with you! Fizzy, fizzy, buzz buzz, fizz, fizz buzz.....

You've got to go to the Sterling Publishing and check out all of their fabulous books! And while I was focusing on children's books they have books of all genres and for all ages! They are fabulous quality!

P.S. Thank you for all of your sweet comments on my last post. I know everything will work out and I appreciate all of your prayers.

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  1. That picture is too cute! And I really don't know where I'd put 6 more in this place--the shop maybe? We did get a stove put in there. ;)


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