Thursday, March 26, 2009

Book Review and Giveaway


I have this bad habit of reading these books I'm supposed to review so early that I can't remember very well how I liked them by the time the review comes around. This was one of those books that sounded intriguing. I'm always afraid that books that are sentimental or sad will just depress me, but this one didn't. It was interesting to explore the world of a married couple who once loved each other so much, coming to the crossroads of whether they will stay together. This book delves deeply into what goes on in the mind of a young woman who hasn't been able to become a mother. This is something I've never experienced but I feel that it gave me more insight into how I can help those that do.

This book was a sweet, interesting story that I would definitely recommend.

Book: If Tomorrow Never Comes


Childhood sweethearts Kinna and Jimmy Henley had simple dreams—marriage, children, a house by the sea… Everything they needed for happily ever after. What they didn’t plan on was years of infertility, stealing those dreams, crushing their hopes.

Now, all that’s left is the memory of young love, and the desperate need for a child to erase the pain. Until…

When Kinna rescues an elderly woman from the sea, the threads of the past, present, and future weave together to reveal the wonder of one final hope. One final chance to follow not their dreams, but God’s plan.

Can they embrace the redemptive power of love before it’s too late? Or will their love be washed away like the castles they once built upon the sand?

Author Bio:

Marlo Schalesky is the author of several books, including Beyond the Night and Empty Womb, Aching Heart. A graduate of Stanford University, Marlo also has a masters of theology with an emphasis in biblical studies from Fuller Theological Seminary. Married over twenty years, she lives with her husband, Bryan, and their five children in California.

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  1. My favorite book ever is probably To Kill a Mockingbird. SO GOOD!

  2. Hey! One of my all time favs is Pride and Prejudice! Anything by Jane Austin really!Thanks!

  3. I think I just subscribed but not sure!

  4. And I now follow! This is great and I love to read so I can't wait for more reviews!!

  5. I've always been a reader and don't really have any favorites: I do tend to lean towards the classics like Jane Austin, Anne of Avonlea series etc. My favorite as a child were the Little house on the Prairie first chapter book reads. All my classmates turned up their noses at my books because they didn't have any pictures, but ohhhh, they missed out on adventures. Loved reading aloud the Boxcar children to my kids. THe Shack was my latest read and I had a friend to discuss that one with...a little on the 'off' side, but things to learn from none the less.

  6. I'm a follower (you're on my dashboard).

  7. My favorite book of all time? That is such a hard question when there are so many that I have read over and over. I'm going to go with Madeline L'Engles Time Quartet books. I know it isn't just one but they all kinda go together.

  8. oh my gosh that is such a hard question to answer, I love so many books that I can't think of a single one. I just started reading a book called Our Founding Mothers, about the mothers of the men who founded our nation and what an influence they were. So far it is a really interesting.

  9. I have your button on my blog, and I love that you are doing book reviews. I love good books!

  10. Twilight by Stephenie Meyer hands down!

  11. anything by ann rule thanks for the giveaway

  12. Wow My favorite book of ALL time. That's hard. I have read a great number of books. But let me think...hmmmm...Well in romantic genre I would have to say the Ariana series by Rachel Nunes. She is an LDS author and a terrific one at that.
    I hope I win...but I kinda doubt it. But who knows maybe someday I will get lucky. After all March month is my birthday. So lucky 21 here we come!!!

  13. My favorite book is Sundays at Tiffanys by James Patterson. I just loved the characters and storyline.

  14. My favorite book and one that has stayed with me for many years after reading it is The Prince of Tides by Pat Conroy.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

  15. Pride and Prejudice

    jdmimi at gmail dot com

  16. I don't know if I have a favorite book of all time but I really really like Heidi, I don't know why it is just a good book.

  17. My favorite book is Catcher in the Rye. Thanks for the giveaway!

    bsyb100 at gmail dot com

  18. My favorite was Wuthering Heights - loved everything about it!

  19. Jane Eyre is my fave.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  20. I just want to say that I love that you ask us to tell you something about ourselves for our initial entry.
    My favorite book of all time is The Red Tent By Anita something (I really should know because it's my favorite book but i never remember her last name.

  21. Sam's Letters to Jennifer by James Patterson. Thank you for the giveaway!

  22. I follow you on twitter - Tiffanys819

  23. I read a lot of books I just end up loving, but I guess my favorite would have to be a series. Hamilton Family Saga by Anita Stansfield.


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