Friday, March 27, 2009

And let me tell's NOT about the recipe

I don't know why I seem to find almost no time for my scrapbooking/card making/stamping anymore. I made a whole bunch of stuff not long after the babies were born and yet I do almost nothing now. Of course, I didn't have the computer then and that might have had something to do with. *shrug*

Nowadays I only seem to do something when I have to. I was in one card exchange group that sort of fell apart, and then I signed up for another group that I've missed both times. But these are what I made for it. This group does a theme each month and in March they had a dessert recipe exchange. But this is not your typical recipe exchange....this is all about who can present their recipe in the cutest way.

And I have a confession to make....I've never even made my recipe. I found it online because it went with a S'more stamp I had. That's how much it is not about the recipe. It was fun anyway.......

And here is my baby card from February. When I take pictures of my cards they never seem to turn out so I tried scanning this time. It seemed to work pretty well except for it seems to mess with the colors a bit. The green paper and the green words in the stamp are supposed to be the same. So that's it. The extent of my craftiness for February and March. I have a feeling it's going to get more seldom rather than more often from here on out. But I figured I'd share anyway. If you like the scrapbooking/stamping stuff you have to check out my friend Emily's blog. She's the expert!


  1. I know why I don't scrapbook anymore. It's so much work to get it all down and put it away - and if you leave it out the kids get into it and it gets all disorganized! I do miss scrapbooking! I love your card & recipe. You are very talented.

  2. I'm with Dione.

    That and I was trying to do more scrapping and then ended up with a husband who walked out on me, thus ending my "nights out" at crops once a month. And I say that totally laughing, because it just occurred to me how very very long it's been since I made a page. Wow.

  3. Ummm, I should really clarify that. ;-)

    My FIRST husband walked out on me - during a time that I was trying to get the agreed-upon "me" time....his "me" time was spent on motorcycles with his buddies. My "me" time was supposed to be a night out to scrap with my mom at a local store - one night a month. I got two nights - he got a girlfriend who became his mistress who became (ultimately - the poor gal!) his wife..... and I got no more time to dedicate to scrapping. But it's okay - I ultimately got a WAY awesome husband....and my son!.... out of the deal. So I praise G*d for her whenever I snuggle my son.

  4. Love, love the s'mores stamp and your s'mores page looks really cute! Where did you find that stamp? Love the page and yes, I am a slacker scrapbooker with no time to scrapbook/stamp because I am way too busy with the kid stuff. So, I am gathering and hoarding-just so you know. :)

  5. Your recipe is adorable!

    It is hard to find time to scrapbook. Lately, I've done a lot of digital stuff because it's sometimes less time consuming (plus no mess).

    I have some projects posted on my scrapbooking blog, if you want to check it out!

    The baby card is so sweet. :)

  6. Mrs. Chattypants- It is from Stampin Up! It is a camping set called Under the Stars. My friend Emily that I mentioned in the post sells.

  7. Really cute cards! They look like a lot of work, so good for you for taking a few minutes for yourself. Frankly, I haven't scrap booked much since I got married. I just can't seem to find the time and I am always feeling guilty and behind about it. I just feel like unless every picture ever taken (digital + thousands:)) needs to be cute and displayed and scrapped in order to feel like an accomplished on-top-of-it modern Mom. I wonder what pioneer women spent time feeling guilty about? Not knitting enough socks or packing things neatly in the wagon maybe. Ohh poor us, we missed the good old days! I hope you can find some time to catch up with your girlie time, don't forget to take time for you when you REALLY need it.

  8. I love your cards! It really makes me want to get out my scrapbooking stuff and make something. I use to be so good at it until my first child got into everything and then I had child # 2. I tell myself if I had a scrapbooking room then I would do it more often, but probably not.haha that is how life works!

  9. Very cute. I do think it is time for some more crafting. Come on over!


    PS...thanks for the plug! Maybe I should update my blog now. I seem to let that one go since I don't think many look at it.


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