Thursday, January 8, 2009

What was that again? What did you say? Huh?

Good day. Bad day. Happy day. Silly day.

Today I was like a living bouncy ball. One minute sweet as the sticky candy cane stuck to my floor, and the next grumpy as a mama bear who got woke up early from her winter nap. Speaking of bears, why can't I be a bear and sleep all winter? Huh??

Why oh WHY???

And no, I'm not pregnant. I'm just crazy? But I am happy. You see, tomorrow my music stud and I are going to leave this little town between noon and one, together....alone. And we're not coming back until Saturday night. Uh-huh, you heard that right. I know, the miracle of Christmas. The catch? Oh yes, there is one.

I have to sit through an entire day of watching people conduct a band or orchestra on Saturday. Now, I am a music freak. But I am not a music geek. (Well, not as much as my man anyway.) But Eldon gets to be one of those conductors and he is so way excited about it so I am going to go and support him. And I may be bored but at least I won't be pulling my hair out at the three puddles of spilled milk or slipping on macaroni or cleaning the poopy underwear on my potty trained child. Okay, I have to be fair, Eldon did that one today. He usually takes care of that particular situation because of my weak stomach. I know you're jealous, sorry bout that, he's mine, even if he is a band geek. I mean stud.

And guess what I just found out?? His one ex-girlfriend is going to be there conducting, too. We got the list and there she was. This is the one I've never met, that he considered buying a ring for, that was his first kiss, that broke his heart. So boy oh boy am I glad I signed up for this one. A few years ago I would have been jealous or freakin' out (for some dumb reason) but now I just can't wait to finally see what she looks like. Bet ya anything she's not even good at conducting.

And boy am I determined to enjoy this weekend.

P.S. Since I'll be busy in the morning I picked a winner using Here it is:

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Congratulations Keitha, glad you found my blog although I have no idea how you did. Way cool anyway!

And to those that didn't win, look out for a berry berry good giveaway berry berry soon. Well, I think it'll be good anyway, it's not like it will be $500 or something. (and it won't have anything to do with berries, I don't think)

P.S.S Guess what??!! I have FIVE followers! I love you guys!

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