Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally! A blog geared right to my New Years Resolution!

I want to share with all of you a new blog that I found through my friend Angela. I have really been wanting to learn some survival skills and also to build my food storage and my wonder woman friend is helping me do it! Until this last year I've always used the excuse of not having enough room but now I do have the room and after reading The Great and Terrible series by Chris Stewart that was motivation enough for me. Just the other day I was telling someone (can't remember who, may have even been Angela) that I wished someone would have food storage giveaways because that's what I really need. And voila! my friend found one! They are having their grand opening this week with a party and some great giveaways so go check it out. (Or maybe don't so I can win ;) Click on the button to go to their site.


  1. Thanks for the info sis! I am so glad to have something to help me get started.


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