Friday, October 31, 2008

No more lame-o

This blog is boring, lame-o, unimaginative, lacking in creativity and no wonder NOBODY looks at it. Well, unless they can win something free and I'm linked in with a bunch of other giveaways. And even then I haven't gotten a single comment that even made me smile. Once again, my fault.

The reason this blog stinks? Because you don't hear my voice. I've read hundreds of blogs this week and I really have found some that touched me in one way or another and that have even changed me. Okay, I know, weird. They're blogs and I don't even know these people! But I discovered that there are those that open themselves up to their readers and share a little bit of their soul. And of course it helps if you're a good writer and witty on top of that. Not sure I share that bit of talent there....

Anyhoo, I'm done with that! No more lame-o! No more boring! Okay, I guess I can't make quite so bold of a statement but at least I'm going to try. I do want to do my book reviews here and talk about my craft projects and music experiences (as seldom as they are). And then of course I do sell board games for Simply Fun. But none of that is worth anything if people don't want to read it. Or if the few who do just do it because they feel bad for me. (Which is totally the case)

So, two questions:
1) What do you look for in a good blog?
2) What makes you come back?

Let me know in a comment below. (If anyone actually reads this at any point in my entire life which I doubt but I'm going to ask anyway in the hopes of a miracle.)

Added later:
WOWSER! I am in shock!! I only posted this about an hour ago, went and saw my oldest in his Halloween parade, came back and there were already two comments. YAHOO!! (I'm doing mental cartwheels since my body isn't quite up to anything else.) I'm thinking about turning THIS post into my giveaway post and giving those who leave comments here the prize. I guess that wouldn't be very honest though, would it?


  1. I think it's when I can see the personality and enthusiasm of the blog owner through their posts. That's what makes me bookmark them. I've made some fun friends by reading blogs!

  2. Hey Sharla!

    I look for voice, honesty, candor, and what keeps me coming back is if someone sees the world a bit differently or more freshly than I do. If they take some everyday, ordinary happening, and turn it into a story that makes me feel a bit happier about being alive, being a mom, being married, being a member of the church, etc.

    It's VERY easy to get discouraged with blogging. (I feel this way too often myself). The only thing I know to overcome this is to post for yourself. Write the kinds of things that you would like to read. That way, even if no one else discovers how incredibly wonderful you are, you (and your kids and family) can always go back and enjoy the great stories you've shared.

    Good luck!

    (and thanks for the linky love! You've made my day!)

  3. That Jane, she's an inspiration to us all. I think blogs are an ever-evolving thing & it's great that you're wanted to change yours. People want to know the real you & you can give that to them in your posts. Good luck.

  4. I look for someone who is real, and puts things out there that I can relate to. I keep coming back to those that make me feel something, no matter what that is.

    I'm pretty new to blogging, and don't have that many readers. But I blog because I want to, and I just hope one or two people find it interesting at some point. There's so many blogs out there, that I sometimes feel lost in the size of it all.

  5. I stumbled across your blog in a 'friend of a friend of a friend' kind of way. Translation: Reading comments on a friend's blog, I clicked on the links of various commenters, came across your blog, and liked what I saw.

    Though I'm fairly new to blogging, I can tell you that what keeps me coming back to a blog is about the same as what your other commenters have said:

    Keep it real. Make me think. Inspire me. It's always fun to read about people I have something in common with - but I also like to read things from people who see the world differently than I do(that goes back to the whole 'make me think' thing).

    I'll keep up with your blog.


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