Saturday, November 1, 2008

Giveaway winner....and sighs of contentment

I've never been a winner. And yet here I am, I have already won TWO giveaways. An ultrasound toothbrush and $36 cash! Sweetness I know! I guess in the blog world my luck starts to kick in, hallelujah!

I am sitting here listening to my 8 year old practice violin and my husband chasing my twin 18 month-olds around while they laugh and giggle. My four year old is snuggled over on the couch playing with a puppet. And I suddenly realized........

I'm content.

I have a home to live in. I have a family that loves me. We have food on our table, clothes on our backs and more blessings than I should ever be allowed to have. Regardless of the turmoil and loss of values in this world, we are safe and blessed.

To all of you....have a peaceful, restful Sunday spent with those you love. Take a day off from stressing about money, politics, cleaning, work, etc etc (if you can) and just enjoy life.

Oh, and as far as my giveaway goes, using #10 was chosen who is
Jennifer who said...
I would like to play the eye to eye jr game with my 8 yr old! Thanks!
Congratulations, Jennifer! I will contact her by email. Good luck to everyone else! I hope you all won! I definitely think we all deserve to!

Oh, and please come back. I promise I won't be too nerdy or lame-o! ;)

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