Tuesday, July 5, 2011

My favorite Things.....A Giveaway!!

Wow, anyone who reads this blog may believe that I have fallen off the face of the earth this last year. I guess my first real job outside of the home, albeit part time, was enough to drain all extra energy for writing. But now it is summer, and since I have a few more weeks off I am planning to do some extra posts. Cross your fingers!

To kick off my summer posting I am doing a giveaway to go along with my summer theme. The theme is MY FAVORITE THINGS. I am going to share my favorite music, books, blogs, website, recipes, places to shop, and most of all, the BEST (and sometimes worst), of Utah.

This idea has been kicking around in my mind for a while, but it wasn't until I spontaneously posted on Facebook that I decided I wanted to do a contest. You see, two of my absolute favorite things are music and books. They are my tried and true pick-me-ups. Well lately they have fallen very short. I am sick of all my music, and when I looked around on the net and itunes for some new music to love I came up with nada. Very depressing.

But I figured that's okay, I've still got books. But nothing I read lately does anything for me. No excitement, no anticipation for bedtime just so I can open that book and enter a different world. I went to the library today and scanned the shelves for almost an hour, and didn't come away with anything that excites me.

My peeps, this is intolerable. Completely unacceptable. So here's my giveaway:
(You can do one or both options)

OPTION 1: Tell me a song you think I will love in a comment. (has to be one I don't already love, like or hate, which of course you can't know so that's part of the fun) If I end up loving it, you get a $10 itunes gift card. (or a CD mix of my faves if you live close)

OPTION 2: Tell me a book you think I will love in a comment. (has to be one I don't already love, like or hate, which of course you can't know so that's part of the fun) If I end up loving it you get a $10 amazon gift card. (or possibly a book)

There is NO LIMIT to how many times you can enter. :) Just as long as you have a new book or song you can enter over and over. I hope to get LOTS of great ideas.

Now, for those that are still reading here are a couple of hints. First, I do not usually like country. Second, I don't like books with descriptive sex or excessive bad language.

Good luck!


  1. oh how fun.. im not sure at all what type of music you even like so this is goin to be hard.. but i gotta start somewhere so i'll start with one of my faves.. Can You Stand the Rain - New Edition.
    thanks for the fun challenge!

  2. how bout.. Beauty Has Her Way - Mummy Calls

  3. Policy of Truth - Depeche Mode

  4. What a fun idea!!! Ok, for a great song: "Your Guardian Angel" by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus


  5. For a book... hmm... The Help by Kathryn Stockett

  6. Another song....
    Only in Dreams by Weezer

  7. Book: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand

  8. OK, I left a song on your fb, but came up with a couple of books. My favorite reads are juvenile fiction (yes, I'm like 11yrs old at heart)-my favorites recently are The Sisters Grimm series and Peter and the Starcatchers. Fun reads if you haven't done those yet. History type books, The Other Eminent Men of Wilford Woodruff and The Real George Washington. And for the Mormon category, Being the Mom by Emily Watts, Thoughts of a Grasshopper by Louise Plummer and Robert Ferrel (sp?) Smith writes some funny stuff. I love the All is Swell and it's two sequels. But maybe that's just because Aaron served his mission in the South and it's entirely too much like some of his stories. :) All but the history ones are pretty quick reads, because really that's all I have time for at this point in life!

  9. So happy to see you, Sharla, and still love listening to the tunes you sent our way! : )

    Thought you'd enjoy some of our favorite gems:

    David Wax Museum: "Born with a Broken Heart"

    Mindy Gledhill: "Whole Wide World"

    And, some of D's faves:

    Brady Rymer: "I Found It!"

    Recess Monkey: "Haven't Got a Pet Yet Video"

    Thanks so much for this fabulous give~away! : )


  10. Okay, here are a few great songs:

    Delta Rain by The Blessing (my favorite EVER!)
    Little Toy Gun by Honey Honey
    Kiss With a Fist by Florence and the Machine
    Rabbit Heart by Florence and the Machine
    I Hope This Gets To You by the Daylights
    Outsider by The Daylights

    Those are all pretty good ones...

    As for books, I love fun mysteries for light reading.

    Dianne Mott Davidson writes fabulous culinary mysteries complete with recipes. They take place in Colorado and are so fun!

    Also, Laura Childs has her tea shop mysteries and her scrapbook mystery series. I am obsessed with the srapbook ones. LOL! The characters feel like my friends. I highly recommend them.

    If you are looking for something less 'light' Aldous Huxley's Brave New World is my favorite book of all time, and a classic.

    I also love and read a lot of children's fiction. Some good ones:
    A Wrinkle in Time
    The Giver
    Kira Kira
    Bud, Not Buddy
    Onion John

    Good luck in your search! And I am looking forward to your new posts!

  11. Welcome back!! Heres a few songs I think you could like (maybe..lol)
    Rolling in the Deep-Adele
    The Edge of Glory-Lady Gaga
    E.T.-Katy Perry featuring Kayne West
    The Lazy Song-Bruno Mars
    Just Can't Get Enough-Black Eyed Peas
    On The Floor-Jennifer Lopez
    Good Life-One Republic
    If I Die Young-The Band Perry
    For the First Time-The Script
    You Lie-The Band Perry
    Written in the Stars-Tinie Tempah featuring Eric Turner
    California King Bed-Rihanna
    Never Gonna Leave This Bed-Maroon 5
    Born this way-Lady Gaga
    Every teardrop is a waterfall-ColdPlay

    Whew! Now that's a long list!

  12. Ok for music, anything by the Coors, I love all their music. The Fisherman's song by Carly Simon, Love is Eternal by Carly Simon.

    For books, I love the Outlander Series by Diana Gabaldon and The Witching Hour by Anne Rice, one of the best books I have ever read! Mirror of her Dreams and A Man Rides Through by Steven Donaldson.

    That should get you started, since I am not sure what kind of books you like to read. I read a variety of them.

  13. "Get It Right" by the Glee cast is a great pick me up...
    Seriously you should listen to it at least once... :D

  14. Oooh I'd love to share my love for Adele!
    She has one of the smoothest most beautiful voices in the world.
    I love most of her songs (I haven't heard any that I didn't like yet).
    She's young too.
    Books? Hmm, I'm with you....I hate gack! I just read (forced myself to do it) a dumb chic-lit book that was a joke. Not giving you the title -- save you judge me shallow.
    I'd recommend The Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels lovestory. She's pretty awesome!


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