Tuesday, July 12, 2011

My Favorite Restaurant!

Okay, so it may take me a while to sift through 47 songs and 31 books in order to find my winners! While I'm working on that I want to share some of my faves with you. About a year ago my husband and I tried Goodwood Barbecue Company, a restaurant in Sandy, Utah. I have a weakness for Prime Rib which is a special treat for me. Goodwood has, by far, the best Prime Rib I have ever tasted. It has this delicious smoked flavor to it that is out of this world. I'm drooling just thinking about it.

So the other day I was out shopping with my Mom and we saw this same restaurant in Orem. She also has a weakness for Prime Rib so she had to try it! We went last Friday night and now not only is it the restaurant with the best food, they also have the best service! They opened the door when we came in, promptly showed us to a comfy booth in the corner, and the waiter, Josh, was there right away with our drinks. (Water with lemon for both of us.) And let me tell you, my water was never even a quarter empty, he was always right there filling it up.

We both ordered the 8 oz. prime rib with a salad and baked potato. The salads were the best I've ever had at a restaurant, with delicious homemade croutons. Shortly after we finished our salads our food was there (perfect timing). I was a little sad when I saw my cut, it was very fatty and pretty small, but my Mom's looked great and I knew it would still be yummy so I didn't mind. However, a few minutes into eating Josh came over and mentioned that my Prime Rib didn't look very good so he was going to bring me another small piece to go with it. A few minutes later he brings me a huge piece, and tells me they decided to just give me a 12 oz. Wowser! I just finished mine and then brought that one home to Eldon. So it turned out great.

From beginning to end the service was amazing! The restaurant is nice, with nice music and clean bathrooms. Everyone we came in contact with was friendly and helpful. I hope you have one near you that you can check out because it is all around a wonderful dining experience!

Thanks again, Goodwood Barbecue Company!


  1. We love prime rib too. I am so disappointed when I get a fatty cut and often order a bigger cut than I really want just to make sure I am getting the meat I expect.
    That is a great place if they would do that for you.
    I have a great prime rib recipe on my blog and we love the aromas coming from the fridge while it sits tightly covered smothered in the garlicky rub we put on it. Nothing keeps that aroma down.

  2. Amen Sharla! I beyond love that place and just reading your post makes me ready to go eat there myself. I sense a date with my hubby is in order. ;o)

  3. Hmm, some people don't like to eat in barbecue restaurants because of the smoke and the grills! Good thing your experience was different from the others. There are certain restaurants that use advanced equipment to eliminate smoke. Well, it also depends on the person's attitude! ;)


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