Saturday, March 5, 2011


I. am. spoiled.  And do you know who spoils me? That girl right over there on the right.  Yep, that's her. 

You see, about four years ago I had twins.  And from then on I was in survival mode.  The dishes were rarely clean, the laundry was never done. (In fact, I was finally washing swimming suits from the summer in December.) I was still having to work from home, and I just felt like I had no time for anything. 

And then my sister moved in, about 9 months ago.  And my life changed.  Suddenly, I had time for a break occasionally, Eldon and I were getting a night out more often, the dishes were done more often than not, and she even got caught up on my laundry!  (I'm really sorry, I know you're jealous.)

But really, more than that is how she has helped me be a better person.  She helps me see myself in a different way, and for the first time in a while, I feel like I can make some real changes, instead of just surviving until the next time my head can crash on my pillow.  

Now, I just don't know how I'd ever survive if she left.  

And even more will I ever pay her back for all she's done.

I love you, my sister. More than you will ever know.


  1. Love having a sister! They are the best!

  2. That's so cool that you have such an awesome sister~you both are so pretty!!

  3. Awww!!!!
    Sounds like Shelly is a REAL keeper...
    I hope she finds someone to spoil her someday like you have Eldon...She deserves it.
    in the meantime enjoy shelly while she is still around!
    Love the pictures!

  4. AWESOME!!!
    What a great way to appreciate your sister. And you are so lucky to have her around!
    Yay for sisters!!!

  5. You are the sweetest. I love you so very much, and I love being a part of your life. But you know that, I tell you a lot. :)

  6. That is so sweet, and makes me miss my sisters even more. It's hard when we have to grow up and live life without them! I tell my sisters all the time that when our husbands die we are all going to live together again. Could be amazing...we also might kill each other. LOL.

  7. I loved having my teenage sisters live with us at different times. It is a huge blessing if nothing else than just to have another girl around. What a great person she is but so are you:) Love ya

  8. Wow, That is a special blog! I didn't realize how much she has helped until you put it that way. I am so proud of both my daughters and it really feels good to know they love each other and can live with each other and be a support to each other. I am a little jealous of this special bond you two have but only because I wish I was closer and be a part of it. Love MOM

  9. Someday, when your sister is married and has a house full of kids and says, "Can you watch my little rug rats for the evening?" You will feel like at last you can start to pay her back for all she has done for you. And you'll love every minute of it because you will know how much she will appreciate it.


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