Friday, January 21, 2011

Who can give my poem a title?

Bring it close
breathe it in
the touch, the texture
slips through the fingers
ruffles, crinkles, new.

Inside, a treasure
unknown, jumbled
scattered symbols.

Knowledge brings life
awakens, inspires.
Delights and frights.
Fills the nights.

Open, it fills.
Then closed.
Or set aside.

Waiting to be awakened.

Can anyone guess what this poem is about? Tell me what you think the title should be! You might win something...........;)


  1. Aaaaa - my old brain has no idea what it is about. Sorry, I'm no help at all. But I enjoyed reading it knowing you wrote it. Hugs!

  2. A book - and learning to read!
    Thinking about the title. Will come back if I come up with anything good.

  3. Well, my books really don't crinkle so I will have to say it's really about a magazine...or a newspaper...

    Good Title.
    The Magazine.
    Yeah that's it...
    Oh boy, I'm at a loss too.


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