Sunday, January 30, 2011

Struggle just to breathe

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It's almost the end of January. Already. The weather has been warmer. I can even see part of our lawn.

I make a list in my mind of my blessings, they are countless.
My logical mind claims happiness. Joy. Love. Peace.

But on the inside lies a shadow that the light of reason fails to reach. Unknowable. Untouchable. Beyond.

That shadow, it is what fills my bones, my blood, my soul. I see the light, but I don't feel it.

And I don't know why. It wears. It weakens. I flounder. I fall.
I drown.

Sad. That's all. Without reason. Tired. No matter the season.

But through this moment I will pass. That's the one thing I do know.

And I'll never have to walk alone.


  1. oh sharla! i wish i was closer to you.
    Love you.
    ((HUGS)) and Peace to your sweet soul.
    You. Are. Loved. by more than you know.

  2. Hi Sharla! I'm a new follower at the MMB! Nice to meet you!

  3. Hang in there. You are an awesome person. Time passes so fast. Soon it will be spring and then summer:)

  4. Sharla you are not alone or without light. It is just taking a nap. You know, to catch up on the rest you can't get. Trust me, one day you will be able to sleep and feel rested. (Millinnium maybe?)

  5. It's february and we have had enough of winter i the northeast... too much snow, too much cold. Your post gave me a little hope that Spring is on the way.


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