Monday, September 27, 2010

yep. yummy giveaway here.

Prepare to be jealous.  

Last Saturday, exactly one week after they opened, I got to go to Earth Fruits Yogurt and try out some of their yogurt.  For free. 

That's right, baby.  

And you know what's even better?  It was deee-licious!  

Let me tell you, that place is groovy.  The decorations are amazing, the customer service was awesome, and yeah, the yogurt and all the toppings and syrups they had, were unbelievable.  

So you go in, and they say hi.  And then you get these little cups and can try the different yogurts until you find your fave.  Which may be hard to do since they are all so yummy.  I normally would probably choose chocolate but they had just run out (but no worries, I'll be back) so I got their pomegranate.  

Then they have this really cool bar thing where you put on your own toppings, sauces, nuts, etc. I got to try some new things I never had before that were so good. 

Then, if you don't have a free coupon they weigh it and you pay .44 per ounce for your very own creation. 

It's worth it, guys.  

And just to prove to you that I am not the only lucky one......

I will be giving away THREE, yeah you heard that right, THREE sets of FOUR coupons to my readers.  

So three of my lucky winners will get to go with three other people to enjoy some yummy yogurt.

For free.  


(By the way, it's located at 44 E. 1230 N. in Provo.  Like right next to BYU.  But maybe don't go the night of a game, it was crazy.  But still worth it.) you want to win? Hmm?  

Just leave a comment telling me whatever you feel like telling me.  Just make it interesting.  If you want extra entries just do whatever you feel like doing and I'll give you an extra entry.  Just let me know what you did in an extra comment.  

 They do have a website at  So check them out. 

This contest will end at like midnight on Friday night, Oct. 1, and I'll let the winners know Saturday.  Sound good?  

Okay.....I'm done now, so get to commenting already!


  1. Sounds yummy. I wouldn't be able to get chocolate though since my new baby cries all night if I eat chocolate. :(

  2. I follow your blog for a second entry?

  3. I Love Love Love anything ice cream and frozen yogurt---sounds fantastic! Currently-only thing on my brain is potty training and definitely NOTHING you want to hear about! Not one of my more creative mornings........

  4. I have a sister-in-law that lives in Provo that could use a GNO. Her mom starts chemo today and she's having a rough time. It would be fun to take her and Kalli out for frozen yogurt. After all chocolate makes almost anything better right?
    --Heather M,

  5. I need another reason to come for a visit! I think a trip to Provo for frozen yogart might be a stretch but to visit a friend at the same time would be an excellent reason. Don't you agree?

  6. I heard their chocolate is cacao and is high in anti-0xidants

  7. I am a poor married college student living in provo. It would be a perfect date night for my husband and I. :)

  8. I LOVE FROZEN YOGURT! And my daughter is going to babysit your boys on FRiday:))

  9. I have a friend in Provo who is is just AWESOME!
    I'd LOVE to win a frozen yogurt for her!
    ;) Count me IN Sharla babe!

  10. hee-hee. Never mind. the contest ended...Woo- to the hoo to whoever WON....;)


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