Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The fight

I'm down below the water
but I can see some light.

Murky, flowing, blinding,
I'm not sure if it's night.

The beam is dim and fading
then quick it flickers, gone.

The darkness fills my senses
and muffles out my song.

But I don't sink, and I don't fall.
I live on some, but never all.

I reach, I grasp, and then break free.
With one deep gasp sustaining me.

His light, it holds me through the night.
In the dark, and through my fight.

The water presses in again
but I will fight, and we will win.


  1. This was lovely, Sharla. Missed you Saturday!

  2. Wow. Beautiful. I bet you have a book of poetry you could publish. Wow. I likey.


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