Thursday, April 22, 2010

Are you a loser like me?

And can't afford to go on vacation?



sniff. sniff.

If not, lucky lucky you. I can barely afford to pay the bills. But anyhoodle, I'm not here to whine.

Really, I'm not. I will not admit here that I can't stand facebook lately because everyone is going on vacation.

Nope, I won't.

Because, you see, just because you don't have the fundage doesn't mean you can't have the fun. Oh yeah, baby, that's right.

So.....we are planning some staycations, and, what I'm most excited about of all?


We are going to camp here in Utah, I know there are bunches and bunches of beautiful places to camp. We're going to hike, and swim, and play, and fish, and fight off bears, all the day long.

We haven't been able to camp much since the twins were born, but I think now that they are three they might be able to handle it a BIT better. I hope.

You see, we are not a "take a huge RV and travel and sleep in style" kind of family. No, oh no.

We're a "camping tents and three sleeping bags for all six of us" kind of family.

And maybe a flashlight.

If we're lucky.

Okay, maybe that's just me. It all comes naturally to my hubby. But for me....I'm the miserable one who sleeps in even though I'm roasting in my tent, and wears flipflops to take care of business even though I'm trecking through the woods.


Yeah. But with five boys, they just might make a camper out of me yet.

Or not.

What are your plans for vacation? Stay or go? To or fro? That's what makes the world go do doooo, dee do do dooooo

Okay, I'm going now.



  1. We used to go up to Payson Lakes a lot. It's lovely.

  2. We'll do our annual Bonneville Salt Flats trip for speedweek. That isn't until August. Ever been there, or wendover? There's NOTHING out there, just...salt, and about 5 small bushes. It's awesome since there is NOTHING to do because we just sit, go watch the cars while sitting, come back to camp, sit, and repeat.

  3. Yep, if you are like me, and we come from brothers so the likelyhood is possible, you don't know how to camp because you didn't camp. So...Good luck with that. Camping stresses me out. I must admit that it isn't just the food that stresses me out, it it definitely the freezing freezing freezing cold all night long I hate.

  4. Uh, yeah, we camp and fish and hike. It's cheap and fun. If we go somewhere, it's usually where we can stay with family so we don't have hotel costs. Cheap again. In fact, there's a nice campground down here that Kira would be thrilled if you used this summer ;)

  5. Hmm, maybe I'm one of those facebook friends that are making you not want to visit. We are doing a fun vacation this year, but it's kinda not normal! And we aren't taking the kid. Usually we are the camping vacationers as well, but I think camping is great! Tons of fun for me. (Though, less so now that I have to be the adult and do all the outdoor cooking and trying to wash dishes without the basins we left at home, etc.)

  6. That's been us the last few years. We may be able to take a couple of weekend jaunts this summer and it will be camping.

    Does your hubby have a GPS? Have you ever tried geocaching? It's like a hike and a treasure hunt combined. Take a look at

  7. Hey Sharla! It's been awhile so I thought I'd drop by your blog to see how things are going with you :) Had to comment on this cuz we are in the same boat. I don't think I've talked to you since Aaron got laid off, but we've been on unemployment since January. BUT, it has been such a blessing. As soon as we got that call, I felt the spirit so strong that it was what we needed. Him, me, Calvin, us as a family. His job was the biggest stress and was what was keeping him out of the Airforce so long. Now, he scored an 88 on his ASVAB (I'm so proud!), and he's going to MEPS on Tuesday, and then taking his PASS test the following week. They said they should have him working by August. But in the meantime we are dead broke, but I am happier now than ever because we don't have that constant stress that his job gave him. AND I get tons of time with him before he goes. It's funny how it's worked out like that, even though he's applied so many places. I don't think anyone wants to pay to train someone that is leaving in a few months. But I think this is how it is supposed to be :) Anywho, we are going to be doing a TON of camping this summer, because like with your little guys, Calvin is finally old enough that it won't be so crazy to take him camping. (he's a runner! I must say, he got that from me *cough cough* I used to scare the daylights out of my mom by taking off and her not being able to find me. I guess it's my payback, lol) Sheesh, this comment is getting long, it's just been such a long time! Hope you guys are doing good :)


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