Wednesday, April 7, 2010

because it's easier than actually thinking

So......yeah, it's been, like, a really long time since I wrote last.  I know I know, all of you faithful readers have been eagerly awaiting another bit of wisdom and delight from yours truly. 


ha ha

It just aint happenin, guys. I've had this killer flu...I'm behind on everything under the sun....oh wait, there has been no sun. Which is also why I feel like doing, well, nothing but sleeping. 


But!  Today there is sun.  I am dredging up motivation.  And I am going to participate in my friend's fun little thing HERE so that I don't have to think. 

*Just go to your First picture folder, 10th picture and post it on your blog! Tell us about the picture! Easy, Peasy. *

So here goes....

So there you have it. A picture that should have been deleted long ago. I have no idea who that even is in that picture.  I can't tell.  I think it was from some ward activity. Very exciting, no? Yeah, this didn't work out so well for me......but I couldn't cheat now, could I?


  1. Being sick stinks.
    i thought you were just sick.
    Yowza! Get over all the sickys before the conference. That would really stink if you were sick then.
    Get better K?
    Thanks for playing along!!!

  2. I am feeling your misery!
    I wonder, how many of these pictures are blurry ones...LOL...I know mine is!
    Get well!

  3. Sorry you are sick!we all came down with nasty colds this week, so at least we didn't trade miseries for Easter:) We sure missed you guys. I hope you start feeling better soon and that Mom brings you some sunshine this weekend.


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