Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm cool like that

It wasn't until tenth grade that I really became a true nerd.  Sitting safely in the middle of the class (oh no, this girl was not a back row kind of girl), I was still squinting when I tried to read the bits of wisdom written on the board.  Finally, finally, we decided maybe it was time for me to look into getting my very first pair of eyeglasses.  (Seriously, who calls them eyeglasses? Well, I do. Starting now.)

Anyhoodle, I actually didn't really mind so much, I always thought girls in business suits with their hair in a french twist and their glasses on were....well, pretty chic and sexy.  Let's ignore the fact that I was sadly missing the business suit, my hair has never been able to handle a french twist, and in tenth grade I'm pretty sure I was the farthest thing possible from sexy or chic.  Seriously.  However, unlike my gorgeous sister who only wears eyeglasses when she wants to look chic, I have to wear prescription know, so I can do little things like see and drive.  Yeah, no big deal, right?

Yes, yes, I am completely aware of this cool invention called contact lenses.  And I wear them a lot.  But first thing in the morning, or when you're exhausted at night, or when your eyes or bugging, or honestly, when you're just too lazy to stick those things in your eyes, or THE WORST, when you put on your stinkin' mascara before you put in your contacts, it's really nice to have some cute eyeglass frames to slip on.  And easier.  But at those times it's not like I want to look nerdier than necessary, y'know? 

I found a pair I REALLY liked.  But as awesome as they are, I just might be in need of a new pair.  So I'm looking around.  Yes, I have to admit I've gone out in public wearing those eyeglasses, without one of the holdy uppy parts (I asked my cousin what they were called and that was her answer).  And if it was you laughing at me, I hope you can sleep at night.  I mean my goodness.  

So do you wear contacts or glasses?  Are you cool like me?  Or are you one of those boring totally not nerdy people?  

P.S. Just because you wear glasses does not mean you're a nerd. It just means I'm a nerd. So no hatin' on me. 

P.S.S. This is a paid post from Glasses USA, found through Business 2 Blogger.  However, in case you weren't sure, all of the opinions and nonsense shared herein is my very own opinion.  I'm just linking to them because I'm cool like that.  And getting paid is nice.  


  1. I think they're cute! I wear both. Contacts during the day, and glasses when I'm home. My glasses prescription is super old, though, so I don't wear them if I have to drive more than around the block.

  2. I like both. But now, my glasses are broke and LOST, and my contact prescription ran out. And I'm out of money.
    It's a good thing I just need correction in one eye, and it's not that bad. No restriction on my license or anything.
    Anyhoodle, (I like your word.) Hope you have a great weekend!

  3. I am a glasses only type of gal right now. I have only been wearing them for about 18 months. I gave myself some time. So far I really like them because I feel like they give my face some angles... cause I am a little "soft in the cheeks" :)

  4. Contacts all day and night. I keep them in 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a month, then I take them out.. However, I need some glasses when I am tired of the contacts, or when mine need to be cleaned. I put them in the cleanser and Can't take them out for 6 hours!!


  5. I'm not cool enough to have glasses, but my two kids have them...and I'm thinking the third will too! His eye is starting to cross like the first two boys!

    I don't know why my PERFECT eye genes aren't coming through, they keep getting their Dads!

  6. Lassic eye surgery baby!!! Oh yeah! After 12 years of cramming contacts in my eyes and hating every pair of glasses I ever tried on, I now have 20/20. I love it!

  7. Me too. I love LASIKs. It is the best thing ever to get up at night with the kids and still be able to see. I love swimming and going to the beach now too. SOOOOO worth the money:)

  8. I am an old nerd that wears the cheaters at the end of my nose for reading. I look 20 years older!


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