Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tired of the Me! Me! Me!?

If you read this blog, and if you're reading right now that means you must at least read it sometimes, even if this is your first time, and if so that's cool... 

Anyhoo, you may have noticed that a lot of my posts lately have been turned very much inward. Okay, I'll just go ahead and say it:  Self Centered.

And I've been wondering why.  I struggle with selfishness, sure, don't we all? But I don't really consider myself a self centered person. Please don't tell me if I'm wrong.

And then I realized something.  I have been praying and praying that I can be a good mother and wife, that I can think of others more, that I can be a good friend and daughter and sister.  

And it hit me the other day like a bowl of petunias.  The reason He keeps pointing me inward is because I have to take care of me, before I can take care of everyone else.  And I for definitely sure need some work.  It is time for me to make some real changes.  And I'm glad to say I think I am firmly on the path. 

The other day I was washing the dishes, when I finally looked out my window.  I have this absolutely incredible view from my house. (You can see a picture of my view above). And I realized that I'm so busy worrying, stressing, and focusing on the things right in front of me that I rarely take the time to look out the stinking window at the beauty around me.  How ridiculous it is to take such beauty for granted. In that moment, as little sense as this makes, I had this vision of myself.  Of the kind of Sharla I really am and that I know I can be. 

Now don't get me wrong, this Sharla was by no means perfect.  But.  She was the person I know I am, but that I rarely let myself see.  I have so. so. so. many things I could be doing better.  I know this better than anyone else. But here is the person I forget to see but that I truly hope and believe is there.

A person who loves easily.  

A person who forgives easily. 

A person that has a hard time getting close to people, but that would do anything she could to help someone.  

A person that sees the good in others much easier than the good in herself.

This is the way my Heavenly Father sees me.  And He loves me.  

Now, every time I look out that window and see the beauty of the world that He created, 

I hope I will remember to see the beauty in His other creation.  The one He loves even more.



  1. lovely picture! and what a great post,thanks for sharing!
    stopping by from SITS

  2. Ok now that you have me crying... so often it's so very true we as moms, wifes and daughters and sisters put all others and their happiness before ours. Last is where we always wind up. And if we can find just one day or one day a month really to think about the "ME" we certainly would be happier would we... OR would we. {{HUGS}}

  3. Bowl of petunias? You crack me up! How wonderful to have that view in your neighborhood. It could have easily been a neighbor's back yard! I miss the mountains. Send my love their way - and your way too!

  4. Nice view! Definitely set aside some time to enjoy it more often.

  5. Isn't that the truth!! The other day we were talking about our talents at church and I thought I don't have any talents! There is not one thing I am "good"at. Then I realized that I was not looking for the right things.I am good at lots of things, I just don't take the time to recognize it! I shouldn't be so hard on myself, but I think that we are alot of times. I love the view from your window. I hope you enjoy it.

  6. That is a gorgeous view! I am lucky to have a similar view, and have been worried about other things lately, so haven't seen mine much either. Thanks.

  7. Always reading you. It is good you are finding out what is most important.

  8. Great post. I think it is amazing that you see THAT when you look out your window.
    Ugh I see my neighbors looking back at me from their kitchen window.
    Hope you feel better soon;)


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