Monday, December 14, 2009

Oh joy

I've lost count of how many ornaments my twins have broken. My poor tree is looking empty and bare. I'm not sure I'm even going to attempt Christmas cards this year, and I haven't even started the homemade Christmas presents yet. I've done a bit of shopping, but pretty much the money is gone. So we will make do.

Our truck broke down. We've got some bills unpaid. I keep getting a cold, or the same one just never really goes away. I've missed a lot of church in the last couple of months because of sickness. Most days I have to keep myself from just wanting to go back to bed all day long. I get frustrated with my kids, and I get so worn down.

But here's the thing.

My heart is full of joy. Sometimes it feels so full I have to cry, just because I can't contain it all. Life is so. so. good. Nothing can keep me down, because I know that I am blessed beyond measure.

How can a piece of ornament in my foot compare to eskimo kisses and soft snuggles?

What is a full tree without those sweet smiles making it glow from without?

Are gifts and cards the only gift of love?

Is there any possible way that money can even hope to compare to the birth and life of our Savior?

And who wants to sleep away the days of pitter pattering feet, of love that comes so easily, of smiles that are shared so freely, of joy that comes so sweetly, and softly, and fiercely?

We have a working car. We have a home to live in. We have food to eat. We are all whole and sound, sniffles aside. We have a job. We have friends and family that make our lives rich and full and filled with love.

We have the gospel. The truth about who we are, why we're here, where we're going. And we are loved. Enough that a Man, our Brother, was born, suffered and died for us. So that we can be with our family forever. So that we can eternally have joy.

Finding pain, sorrow, stress, anxiety, anger and frustration is easy. Comes way too easily.

But I choose joy.

Thank you Audrey at Barking Mad for helping me think and write about my joy. Good luck with your move!


  1. I love that! Joy is a wonderful thing to spread during the holidays and all year through. Nice Post!

  2. I think you should just copy and paste these thoughts in an e-mail to your family and friends - add a picture and you're done with sending out Christmas wishes! Your joy is contagious!

  3. Joy is a wonderful thing to spread during the holidays and all year through. Nice Post!

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  4. I can't think of a single thing to ask for this year... so I started a fundraiser on my blog for Ronald McDonald House instead. At least this way, the money will go to a good cause instead of useless gifts under my tree!


  5. Wonderful thoughts Sharla, You always lift my spirits and set such an example to me! Love MOM

  6. You are right! We can find joy in all things and circumstances if we have the right way of looking at it.


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