Thursday, November 12, 2009

When the Mommy is useless

Everything goes to absolute. pot.

The normally messy house takes on a new level of disgusting. Clothes, toys, food, diapers, trash, books, movies, and tissues litter every corner, every step, every surface.

And the Mommy sits/lays/moans, staring at the mess, wishing there was a higher window to jump out of.

The kids, sick ones and not sick ones, haven't eaten a decent meal in days. Who says they can't subsist on popcorn and Halloween candy?

The entire family has been wearing the same clothes for days, without bathing. (except for the Daddy who goes to work and then comes home and ignores the kids and the mess and the lack of meals as thoroughly as the Mommy does. Actually, make that more so.)

Every surface downstairs is now a work of art. Because Mommy went to sleep after Daddy got home. And so the twins were let out of the safe room and into the downstairs. To find markers. And salt. And whatever the heck else they wanted to get into.

My Ebug is miserable. Completely. And for the first day all week the Mommy is only feeling a little bit like dying.

Being sick is miserable. Because obviously it makes me no longer fit to properly take care of my children. (Not that I do that great of a job anyway, but you know...) But still....I'm trying to take care of my kids.

But who will take care of me?

Waaaaaa....I want my Mommy. sniff sniff

Oh yeah, this month is definitely bringing out the selfish side of this Mom. And dang girlfriends, I am SO cranky. I hate it.

But I just don't feel good. And I'm so dang tired. Of the whining. Of the mess. Of not being able to do it all. Of not feeling good. Of worrying. Of stressing. Of money.

And you all get to hear me whine. Lucky, lucky you.

I am sorry.

Will you forgive me? Maybe I'm dreading this 30th birthday more than I thought........


  1. 30 isn't so bad.. it's just your First Anniversary of Your 29th Birthday. so really, you can be 29 for as long as you like.

    maybe a good birthday present to yourself is to hire molly maid to come in with their blowtorches and their hoses that spray boiling, bleachy water.

  2. Oh, Sharla, I wish I was closer so I could help you. *HUGS*

    Your 30th birthday will be fine. When is the BIG day anyway? I might send you something.
    I wish I could send you a housekeeper. *laughs* If I could send you a housekeeper, I'd send myself one, who AM I kidding?

    Hang in there, Sharla. It will get better.

  3. We're November birthday buddies! Last Friday was my 30th! It was okay. I would love to 20 something forever too!

    A sick mommy isn't pampered at all like a sick kid or hubby is. No fair really. You just have to suck it up and get on with life. Or not and pay for it later. I HATE being sick. Hope you get better soon!


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