Thursday, November 12, 2009

I'm staying 29 forever.

I hate birthdays.

I really, really do.

It just opens me up to get hurt.

And it's not even my birthday yet.

So I'm done.

I won't go into details.

But I'm just done.

I'm going to be forever 29.......

and that's final.


  1. I am with you on that! 29 forever, with experience. lol

  2. Dropping by from SITS...well there's nothing wrong with being 29 forever. I still say I'm in my early twenties as lol Hope you don't mind me wishing you a Happy Early Birthday! I love your blog!!!

  3. Guess what? I'm 29 too and I'm staying 29 as well, so we will just be 29 together! It's not my birthday yet either but it's real soon!

  4. I wish I would have thought of that 8 years ago! Now I'm stuck with 37! Dog Dang!

  5. Well dear, I'm still 29! :)

    Sorry for whatever makes you feel that way.. hugs hon!

  6. Meee too! I'm 26 now (27 soon) and it was quite a blow, let me tell you. lol

  7. I think I might go for 32 forever. After passing into my 30s a few years back, I can't imagine being in my 20s again, but I wouldn't mind stunting my 30s progression! LOL

  8. Age is just a number!
    I am 'way past twenty + nine!
    Just pick whatever age you want to remain at and go for it!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  9. Yeah! Me too! I celebrated a birthday not long ago and also decided that 29 is the perfect age that I'd like to stay!

    However, my husband (the evil man he is) actually told my 7 year old that I was *gasp* 31! OMG! Can you belive he'd tell her? Now she knows, which means everyone else will know that I'm not, in fact, 29. *sigh*

    Oh well, I feel 29, so does that count?

  10. i LOVE everyone else's birthday. I hate mine. you are so right about hurt. And, thankfully, there are a lot of people who haven't ever had that issue and I am so happy for them... but still.

    and 29 is my "stick with it" age, too... (for 4 birthdays now) it's a good age to be stuck at.

  11. cool were the same age!! I just celebrated the 11th anniversary of my 29th Birthday just this past summer :) Cause that's how I roll

  12. I too have been 29 for..uh..long time.
    I remember when Mason and Leah were just toddlers. I started to take them with me to sit on my lap while I would have my blood drawn so they would learn never to be afraid. (I always had to go. And it worked, especially Mason, his first time was when he was 6..wish I had a video..priceless) Anyway, one time we went and the guy asked me my age and I told him, and Mason, pipes up real loud and says.."No your not mom...your 29!!!" The whole lab just cracked up laughing!! So embarrassed. I bent down and whispered to Mason that "Today, I have to be thirty...something) they stupid lab guy, made sure, by repeating loudly.."You ARE really 30..something?" Butt brain!
    This is the year that Papa let me know that this is the last year I can be 29. "Why???" I pouted...He informed me that I cannot be the same age as my kid! So, I am now a sibling to my other kids and will be younger then the oldest. But, as I just posted on another site, I can say I don't have a wrinkle or even a hint of chicken skin. My mother, sister, and brother have all had plastic surgery already and my sis is younger then I!! My mother has had numerous appts with the "surgeon". Even had her "wings" clipped!
    So stand proud, be the beautiful young person you are, never let your kids be around when you have to tell someone your real age and when they do reach the same can become their sibling! Soon, their younger sibling!
    I just had my birthday last week...I am still freakin out and know how you feel.
    I am glad my son's birthday is the day after and no one remembers mine. It is all about him and I am keeping it that way! Haven't gotten a card in YEARS! LOL!

    By the way..A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a fellow November babe! It is Novemeber right?

  13. visiting from sits. go ahead and stay 29 forever! i'm 25 but i still feel like i'm 21. i constantly forget how old i am.


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