Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Speaking of love

I love being in love.

But what I don't love is how life gets crazy and it seems like my poor hubby gets put farther and farther down on the priority list. So last Friday I planned a romantic dinner for us, here at home, and get this.....WITHOUT the kids. Here are a few details of how it went down.....

Friday morning I had my preschool party and then I spent the rest of the day cleaning. My in-laws came and got the kids about 5 and since we switched cars I moved theirs up the street a bit so Eldon wouldn't see their car in the driveway and know something was up. I had set out candles, set the table with the real china that my sister in law gave us that I obviously never use, put on romantic music and then proceeded to make dinner while waiting for Eldon.

Okay, now backing up. I had told Eldon that I was out shopping with my cousin and when he called at 4:30 to say he was on his way home I had to hurry and come up with an excuse to get him to come a bit later. Otherwise he would have been arriving at the same time as his parents. So I sent him to the store. He calls me from the store to tell me about some yummy cheeses and fancy olives and artichokes they have there and then proceeds to say...."Should I get some for a possible romantic dinner coming up?"

I'm thinking, what? How in the heck did he find out? (Turns out later he was talking about my birthday in a couple of weeks, phew) So I said sure and then proceeded to wait for him to get home. I'm sitting there like a crazy person peeking through the blinds and when I see him pull into the driveway I hurry and light the candles and put the pasta in and go get butter to start the sauce.

Crap. No butter. So I figure oh well, I guess I'll just have to run and get butter after he comes in and is surprised. So I'm waiting....and waiting.....and finally I call him on his cell with my cell (so he won't know I'm home) and I ask him if he's home yet because I forgot butter. He says yeah, I'm home but since you're not here yet I'll run out and get some. I'm speechless and I peek through the blinds as he leaves to get butter.

While he's out, again, I finish everything else so we just have to make the sauce and proceed to wait. Again. I see him pull up and once again I jump up to light the candles and stand in the kitchen waiting. And waiting. And waiting. So I call him again and ask him if he's home yet. He says "Yeah, but I'm just listening to the radio in the car until you get home." Grrrr. So I'm wracking my brain until I finally think to say, "Will you run in and check the messages, I'm waiting for a call from blah blah blah...." So finally he comes in and sees the candles and hears the music and well, the rest is history.

He brought some yummy appetizers and we make the yummiest alfredo sauce with some fancy cheeses that I will now be craving for forever and we had a very romantic, and quiet, evening. We have this gorgeous view from our house so with the table next to our french doors, the view, the music, the food, the candles, and of course the company it was definitely a night to remember.

And believe me, it doesn't happen often.

Or ever, really.

But it's good to remember, with the kids screaming and pooping and leaving messes in their wake, that our love will withstand it all.

And that is definitely something to be happy about.


  1. ah, the best laid plans!! How funny and glad it all came together at the end...

  2. Yay for a happy evening! I'm so impressed with your husband's willing to go to the store. I think my husband would rather have a root canal then go to the store on his way home. Good thing he makes up for it in other ways. :)

  3. I bet he was sitting out there hoping to take you OUT to dinner. But dinner in can be nice too.

  4. I love it!! SOunds like you had a great time.

  5. You have an amazing ability to tell a story. I like it alot. Thanks for the story! Glad the evening wasn't ruined!

  6. That is awesome, and very romantic and touching. It warmed my soul to hear that you two had such a lovely romantic evening!

  7. What a lovely occasion! Love is true! You can be planning the next 20 (twenty ) special occasions to delight each other!

    allibrary (at) aol (dot) com

  8. I was smiling througout your post. I love it! Maybe I will try doing something like that for my hubby! Where can I pawn my kids?

  9. Wow, that really sounds absolutely dreamy! I'd love a night like that with my love! Thanks for sharing!

  10. So sweet it makes me want to rip my hair out a little bit with frustration that I can't be with Jason but I am so happy that you are happy with Eldon. He really is an amazing man, and perfect for you!

  11. That is so fun to have a nice dinner in alone!! I think it is funny that he was just sitting in the car waiting for you.
    I have tried doing this before for my husband only to have him bring take out home. haha good times.


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