Thursday, November 19, 2009

Not so happy with Glee

I am a huge fan of So You Think You Can Dance, and since Glee has been on right after it I've been watching it. There are things I definitely love about Glee...

First, I was a choir nerd, so on some levels I can relate with it. Granted, we didn't magically know all the words and steps to perform it perfectly at every rehearsal, we did have to practice once in a while. But I will give them that, it might get kind of boring to watch them sucking it up in a million practices.

I do enjoy the singing and the music for the most part. Some of it is way to "popish" and doctored up to sound good. But it's fun. And it's entertaining.

There have been a few good moments on the show.

But after last night, I am completely annoyed. That show is spouting ideals that I don't agree with at every turn.

Because who is it in this show of loose morals and complete immorality that is painted as the most intolerant "bad guy?"

Not the teacher who has allowed himself to have feelings for another teacher even though he's married. (even if his wife is psycho she's still his wife)

Not his wife who is pretending to be pregnant and planning on somehow snagging the baby of her husband's student and passing it off as their own.

Not the ex-cheerleader who is now pregnant and lying to her boyfriend who is not really the father.

Not the real father who is a bully and a punk with this endearing soft side that is a load of foo-foo.

And it's not the gay boy who is in love with the fake daddy but who is also portrayed as the most put upon but put together person on the show.

Nope, it's pregnant ex-cheerleaders daddy. The one who raised his daughter to be chaste. (I know, he's so not with the times, right?) The one who listens to Glenn Beck. The one who is suddenly the worst villain on the show, simply because he's disappointed in his daughter. Granted, I wouldn't kick my kid out of the house, and I would give them love and support. But heck ya, I would be disappointed! And I'd be mad!

But it wouldn't be because I listen to Glenn Beck.

Because here's what I think. I can love everyone, regardless of race, religion, sex, etc. I can be tolerant. I can appreciate the struggles that people with disabilities go through. I can strive to be a loving, kind and patient person.

But that doesn't mean that I can't believe in right and wrong, black and white. That doesn't mean I can't believe in God. That doesn't mean that I won't teach my children to choose the right. I have four boys. And they will be taught to not have any sexual relations before marriage. And that marriage is only supposed to be between a man and a woman. They will be taught to have an appreciation and love for all life, including babies that may be a surprise.

I will stand by my morals. I will stand by my country and my leaders, as long as they are on my side. I will not be swayed by the liberal media and those that consider themselves tolerant and politically correct. Because I know what I stand for.

And I stand for the right.

And no show, no politician, no peer pressure in the world is going to change my mind.

Who's on the Lord's side? Who?


  1. Ya Sharla!!!! You go girl, and I stand beside you!

  2. I actually felt quite sorry for Puck. He wants to do the right thing -- support the baby and stuff, and everyone acts like the truth doesn't matter.

    But yeah, the way they portrayed the Fabrays was not very flattering at all.

  3. I don't even watch Glee and I am inspired by your words. WOW! You go girl!

  4. I stopped watching it after the 4th or 5th episode because I was really disgusted with the morals being painted. I'm even more disappointed after reading what you have to say. Too had the potential to be something really great.

  5. Nixed that show early on!

    Well said! Bravo!

  6. Oh, oh, Me!!! I'm on the Lord's side!! And I agree with you one hundred percent. I don't watch glee, but I still agree with everything you wrote... and it happens in many other tv shows too.. they make fun of the ones that do stand for right.

    Good for you for taking a stand!

  7. I so totally agree with everything you said. I was a totally choir nerd in high school. Ok, ok, I still am. And I love Glee. It makes me really uncomfortable. It pushes the envelope. but I think that's what they're trying to do with it. I think the whole show is maybe a little...ironic.

  8. WOW! Pick me I'm on the Lord side I am I am!!! I have been watching it on and off So I haven't seen the dad. I agree with everything you said.

  9. Saw 15 minutes of that show and left it behind for good. You tell em!

  10. I have heard a few people get upset with Glee...but you have to remember that TV is TV and take it at face value...mindless entertainment!

  11. I watch Glee (though I have thought of giving up tv entirely). I am sad for the way the show is going, because it means that I may have to give it up sooner than later. I could deal with some of it and ignore some, but now the ENTIRE story line is really not suited for a family viewing audience. It's too bad that the studio execs think they have to sensationalize everything, and make thinly veiled political statements in every episode of every show on television. What happened to just good, clean entertainment?

  12. I watch and enjoy Glee but think the same as you. They are sensationalizing the wrong ideals with every episode. So the question put on good Christians is, "What should we do?" What would Jesus do? Not just stop watching the show - although it would be somewhat effective.

    We need to speak to EVERYONE negatively about the immoral storylines which the show highlights. We should write to the station, complaining. In the end, the hope is that they can keep the good and use the show to teach a lesson - not highlight immoral ways. We have enough of that. And, enough is enough. Take a stand and spread the word! This CAN be a good show!


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